Update Nyasa Province in Mozambique

Update from Bro. Joshua Mhango

On behalf of the congregations of Nyasa Province in Mozambique, I would like to send report for the church camp meeting held at Mkuvili newly congregation stated on 27th July up to 28. Leading by brother Mukona Watson Mambas, Goodwen Namagowa and brother Jack. It was fruitful meeting where by the newly people from denominationalism baptized and some member were baptized.

The report was as follows:
People gathered 389
People confessed 36
People re-baptized/baptized 77

People gathered 502
People confessed 22

The brethren surrounded the congregations of province Nyasa, Province Zambezia and Malawi were gathered there.
They also expect to receive Baptist convention church at Kholomana at the area of Zambezia Province to be added to the church of Christ. Brethren there are still need of bibles and hymns. Expect to receive the pictures on how activities was done.
Lastly receive greetings love.

Brother in Christ.