Meetings and Seed Distribution


(Opening message from Danny Abercrombie) Emails follow

To the brotherhood,
This was a beautiful Lord’s Day. I got out of a comfortable bed, went to the bathroom, then to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. Looked in the refrigerator to see what we might want for breakfast. There was bacon, sausage, ham, eggs and plenty more. There seems to be so much that it is hard to decide what to fix. Biscuits and gravy sounds good or maybe sausage and eggs. Turn on the oven and surface unit and begin cooking. After breakfast take a hot shower and get dressed for church. Trying to decide what to wear is sometimes a chore. Don’t want to wear the same thing that I wore last Sunday. Closet full of things to wear. Finally decide and by this time I have a headache. Go to the medicine cabinet full of medicine and get out the Aleve and take a couple. Now I need to decide what I will drive to church. The car or one of the trucks. Drive to the church building and go in and sit down on padded pews with the temperature set on about 70 degrees. I would think that this sounds somewhat like all of us here in America. The Lord has blessed us more than we deserve.
In Malawi Africa it is quite different. They don’t get out of a comfortable bed; rather get up off a straw mat laid most of the time on a dirt floor. They don’t have a bathroom rather a hole in the ground somewhere away from the house. There is no kitchen. They cook outside on the ground. No coffee pot, refrigerator, stove or running water. This is because they have no electricity. No ham and eggs in the fridge. Most only eat one meal a day if they are lucky. No medicine cabinet full of pills to take care of aches and pains. No running water to take a bath. Water most of the time has to be carried long distances and heated over an open fire. They don’t have any problems deciding what to wear for church because most all have only one outfit to wear if they are fortunate. No problem with deciding which shoes to wear because most don’t have any. The ones who do have shoes, most always they are wore out. No problem deciding which vehicle to drive because they don’t have the first one. Most don’t have a bicycle to ride. They walk sometimes for miles to attend Sunday morning church service. They sit on the ground or on bricks stacked up. A lot of the time in a building with a straw roof that leaks when it rains. They don’t complain. They don’t whine. They will sit and listen as long as the preacher is willing to talk. These are our wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord in Malawi and Mozambique. These are our family members in Christ. As many of you know, they have been through a lot of trials and tribulations lately. The drought came and when it ended the flood came and destroyed what many had. This is not a request for help. This is in response to requests from our brethren wanting me to let you know how much they appreciate the help that you have given. You have given so generously and helped many. The funds you have given and the prayers have helped so many and they appreciate it very much. I have received funds in the past few days and they will be sent to help out our brethren this week. Thank all of you so much for your support in giving to the needs of others. May the Lord Bless you all.

Email from Bro. Joshua Mhango along with pictures of some of those being assisted:
Dear brethren,
Thanks very much for the funds you sent through brother Danny. We had an activity for the distribution of seeds and food within the area of Phalombe and Chikwawa. The brethren here are sending thanks and appreciate to your brethren there in America for the assistance you rendered here. God may bless you too. Brethren there are still needs of food and seed as people preparing their garden. More of them have nothing in their houses to eat. We were buying maize last two weeks the price was MK190 per kg which was approximately MK9,500 per 50kg Bag. As of now the price I have the very same at K120 per kg which is Mk6,000 per 50kg bag . Receive the pictures whom they have been assisted.
Lastly receive greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
I remain to hear from you.
Brother In Christ
Joshua Mhango.

This is an email from Bro Bright Chitambi reporting on the work in Lilongwe:
This is Bright again, coming up with some more updates here in Lilongwe the central part of the country Malawi. Over and over again, I have been reporting that I, Bright a simply servant of the Master, I never get rest or tired of His work. Just two weeks ago, I have been teaching in two different places, one was here in Malawi and the other one in Mozambique. The purpose in both places was to teach the gospel of Jesus and also to encourage the brethren to study their Bibles, understand it and practice the very same way as the early Church that Jesus instructed his disciples in the book of Acts 2 when the day of Pentecost was fully come.
Here in Lilongwe, there are five congregations and members from all these congregations gathered at Nchezi Church of Christ as arranged for me to teach several subjects. The studies started on Friday at 09:30 am with the subject of “MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE.” I was the only one teaching as intended by the brethren among these congregations. Then Saturday, which is the second day for our studies, there were two subjects that I taught for the whole day till 09:30 pm. These subjects were “ELDERS AND DEACONS AND AUTONOMY.” Today Sunday, the studies will start at 09:30 am with also the very important lesson “THE LORD SUPPER.” This meeting is so encouraging to see many brethren and sisters in the Lord holding Bibles in their hands. Whenever I say any chapter, they all find in their Bibles and one read so quickly which made my teaching go fast but in detail and understandably. Finally, there was a decision made by the brethren here in Lilongwe to ordain elders and deacons but, upon the subject I taught to them about the QUALIFICATIONS for the two positions, the decision was changed because none was found qualified to fill the office the ELDER. There were also other denominations gathered with us such as: United Pentecostal, The Baptist, The Charismatic, Christian church, The Catholics and others. All these churches mentioned above are denominations, but the five true Churches that invited me to conduct this Bible studies/seminary are: Chipala Church of Christ, Chinangwa Church of Christ, Nankhaka Church of Christ, Mlooza Church of Christ and host Nchezi Church of Christ where the studies are held. Even though, we have these beautiful studies, I have also experience the very similar problem of hunger that we are experiencing in the south. With this problem of hunger that affected the whole countries Malawi and Mozambique, I reported this immediately to Bro. Harry Cobb whereby he sends immediate funds in amount of $2,000 for distribution. Before the studies start, I ride a minibus with other brethren heading to the nearest Standard bank to cash the funds to be distributed before my return back to the south in Mulanje. Sure enough, the distribution was made yesterday at 10:00 pm. After this work been done, all brethren here in Lilongwe express their gratitude to you all benevolent in the United States and also encourage you to keep up the good work that you all are doing in so many countries.
I am planning to return back to the south today after service and this will be at 05:00 pm because I wanted to ride a night bus to arrive in the morning there at the south. Pray for me as I pray for you all always.
Your splendid cooperation and kinship in the grand cause of our Lord Jesus Christ is treasured and greatly appreciated. May God bless you all.
This email was a day later reporting on the teaching in Lilongwe by Bro. Bright

Today was the last day for the Bible studies/seminary as I reported earlier in my updates. After teaching the subject about the Lord’s Supper and its importance for using the two elements such as: un-leaven bread and fruit of the vine, the today’s service was started making a summarisation for what I have taught in two days Friday and Saturday. Thereafter, we all headed to Lilongwe stream to baptize the fourteen from the denomination who believed the true gospel that I brought to them and then we all break bread and drink the fruit of the vine. I left Lilongwe with the night bus at 05:40 pm. In the meantime, I am on my way back to south after leaving all brethren who attended the studies with thirsty for the teaching which they wanted me to continue till another three more days. The total for all attended is 480. I will give you more updates soon.
May God bless you all,

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