Winston Mhango - Year End Report 12/29/13

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Bro Chikulo's Funeral


It is high time for me to have an opportunity to report to you of the Lord’s work in Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts as well as some parts of the country.It is 8:58am and is 36.3 Degrees Celsus hot( I don’t know how you would define it;hot,very hot or too hot,realizing that it is morning hours ),am using a fan to get cool air but my shirt off.And I hope some of you can not with stand with this.Shade of Trees are now friends of people.Many people have planted with the first rains but I see crops dieing due to hotness since it stopped raining some time back.The time it came,it was accompanied by strong winds in some areas destroying houses and some properties.Lightening and thurnderstorms were there too.It rains here and there but the meteological department has predicted to have normal,above normal and below normal rains in January through March 2014.
In Nsanje North one of the Leaders of Lords Church lost his son and a goat ,they were killed by lightening. The son was looking after the goats
Six people are reported to have been killed and more than thirty injured by lightening and thurnderstorm in a Seventh Day Adventist prayer house in Central Region of Malawi
Food problem has been a famous song in many parts of the country,I was greatly shocked to listen from Zodiak Broadcasting Cooperation saying that 8 people have died in Dedza District due to hunger as they were eating wild roots which were poisonous.Many people are with food related diseases.

My house is very much close to ADMARC depot ( government market) but I see no maize in it.I can see some in my house as compared to the previous years and I can challenge ADMARC.I can see people coming daily at my house searching for maize.Part of my yields already distributed.

I made some calls to various districts to find out the situation in some parts of this country and Mozambique,Brethren Bright,Justin,Namalawa and Oscar just to mention a few sing the same song of food shortage.It clearly indicates that we are almost all in the same boat.In my experience January through March are troublesome months in our country.No maize is found in government markets.Vendors get an added advantage to raise maize and other food staffs.It has been noted that in areas Brethren Bright,Namalawa,Kulinga,Makhera,Kokole,Oscar,Chisoni just to mention a few, food problem is increasing.

It was our blessing to have rivers , and given wisdom to work along it using moisture and irrigation.This has greatly helped in our area,to congregations that are close to the rivers.I see some people still having something to eat.But congregation that are in the upper areas it was a disadvantage to them.Congregations that are around areas of Samson,Mkwana,Rulwe mountains,Chavalamasengo ,Thendo and Mafunga ,Kakoma ,and Bambala in Mozambique just to mention a few need food assistance.

We appreciate your good hand and heart for the assistance sent through Bro.Dan recently,it came in the right time and has helped ease the food problem.It has been a blessing.A bag of maize,50kg,ranges from Mk8500 to Mk10,000.It pleases me and the entire brethren that brethren Dan Abercrombie and Keith Moore visited several parts of our country including Mozambique during their recent trip,they saw with their own eyes the situation and could have a vision on it.


On 7th to 8th December 2013,we had a camp meeting at Mwanza congregation(SUCOMA),700 gathered,26 baptised and added to the church.Some brethren came all the way from Mozambique.The meeting was encouraging.
On 15th December we were at Biton area,Namilembe congregation,this is a new site.Brethren Vincent and I gave lessons to these congregations.It was a good meeting.Another new congregation was added at the meeting.It is Mbwazi congregation.Bro.Joshua is visiting and encouraging congregations in Zomba and Phalombe.Brethren Manyowa,Magaba and Sinos are having meetings in Nsanje North today.We plan to visit Jeke new congregation today but failed to death of Bro.Chikulo.Next week we are to go to Mulambe congregation

Last week,we lost one sister at Mulambe congregation.Bro.Vincent is found with diabetic and is getting treatment.He has also pains in his legs.My health problem continues,I have undergone some pains.I have been advised to go for a review after three months. I still take some pain killers .I thank for your prayers.
Bro.Chikulo,leader of Mitole congregation passed away at 1.00am today,burial is tomorrow.He was an instrument in the Lords work.He had cancer on the neck and was unable to eat and drink.Tomorrow was waiting to receive results for his tests from Mwaiwathu Private Hospital and take them to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.May his soul rest in peace.


As we are very close to the new year,2014,it is my appeal to all leaders of the Lords work in various congregations and areas ,that it would be encouraging and fruitful to leave all our bags that are full of jealousy and envey in 2013 and carry or pick bags that are completely full of love,kindness and cooperation for the sustenability of the Lords work in His vine yard.It is my pleasure too to advise you that we are people of different talents and abilities.If some is doing fine in one activity lets support him,our time will come and we will be supported too by those we did support in the past.Lets forgive and forget.Lets share our experiences in order to build and strengthen the Lords work.

Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Brother in Christ,

Winston Mhango.