September 26th - Letter from Rodelio D. Baagin

Greetings in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope this letter finds you all doing well.
The work of the Lord here is continue doing well brethren. I attached here the picture of five precious souls who obeyed the gospel last week at Mamara,Paluan.Yesterday, we conducted Home Bible studies at Cabacao with the five members of the family and we have schedule again tomorrow afternoon. Temporarily, we canceled our schedule for Gospel meetings at Sablayan,Santa Cruz because not yet passable to go there because of the flood specially at the area of Barahan highway. But this day, I and brother Jonthan try to reach our brethren at Mamara,Paluan. some of our brethren there are lost their houses and their small farms rice plants that sources of their food destroyed and became river already because of the evorflow of Mamara river. Yes brethren we continue experiencing rainy weather here in Mindoro. That's why many to our schedule for home Bible studies and gospel meetings are cancel because of bad weather.
Again good brethren, thank you very much to your continue support to the work of the Lord here. I will close for now and May God richly bless you all.

Your brother in Christ
Rodelio Baagin

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