Letter from Rudy September 26th

Greetings from your brethren here in Olongapo. May this letter finds all of you in good health and doing well. We want to remind you that it is time for our quarterly support. We here in Olongapo suffered serious calamity due of typhoon monsoon Olongapo, Zambales is under state of calamity and our place in Subic (San Isidro) is on permanent Danger Zone because of floods and scattered landslides in different places in Subic.My family who lives there suffered a lot because of floods. And they needed help for their daily needs. There are 26 persons found dead others are caused by landslides and found dead they were drowned by floods. We are running out of food on our tables a lot of brethren are suffering because of the calamity. We highly appreciated if you send us our support as soon as possible. Please include us on your prayers that my family can recover as soon as possible.

Your Brother in Him,