July Report - Ed Anderson

From the Cloud 9 church of Christ, Sierra Vista, Arizona


Here is a short summary of our activities relative to the work in northern Mexico for July 2013.
Late in June, we provided funds for brother Cesar to travel to Ciudad Obregon to work with the small congregation there. I had previously stated that Obregon was in the state of Sinaloa, but in reality it is in the southern part of the state of Sonora. Just this past March, my wife Virginia and I traveled to Obregon with brother Cesar and I baptized two: Victor and his wife Karina. Brother Cesar is a very faithful brother but he has a bad back due to a fall from a ladder many years ago. That is why I performed the baptisms. Here is a picture of brother Cesar and his wife sister Margarita. They live in Nogales, Mexico.

On the 15th of July, brother Duane Cogburn and I traveled to Nogales to meet with the brethren. We met in the house of Sister Lourdes and Brother Abel. We had a Bible study with them in which I presented a lesson in Spanish on The Gospel. They were very patient with my poor Spanish, but I believe the message came across. Brother Cesar had returned for a doctor’s appointment so he was able to join us and support the lesson. Each month we provide financial support for the work in Nogales, Sonora and the other churches we work with in Northern Mexico. This month we provided additional support to buy two tires for Brother Abel ; he seems to have the only vehicle among the brethren in Nogales and is always providing transportation for them. We also provided funds to repair brother Mariano’s truck (Las Flores) which he uses to provide transportation for the brethren in Las Flores. And finally we provided additional funds for brother Cesar to return him to Cuidad Obregon, Los Mochis and Las Flores until he completes his evangelistic trip and returns to Nogales.

On July 21, Mila West, Virginia and I visited the congregation in Agua Prieta. It takes us about 90 minutes from our house to the assembly building there. They have a regularly scheduled assembly at 4 pm on Sundays, so we are able to easily make their assembly after our morning assembly in Sierra Vista. We enjoy meeting with the brethren there and they are always so friendly, giving us holy kisses; Brother Pedro gave the lesson of the afternoon. They recently lost one of their sisters, Elizabet, who had diabetes and was blind; they are still mourning her death. We provided financial assistance to the family of one of the young sisters who is going through a rough time.

Please pray for the success of the work in this part of Mexico.

In His service,
Brother Ed Anderson