Mexico Report 6 April 2013


Dear Brethren,

It has been some time since we have given you a report on the work in northern Mexico and we apologize for that.

Every month we visit the congregation in Nogales at Colinas del Sol. We have two primary purposes in this monthly visit. First is to encourage the brethren there and to address any problems. The brethren who are available when we come, meet with us in the house of Brother Abel. In one room is his abarrotes (small grocery story), and next to it is his living room/kitchen where we meet. We usually make a short presentation on subjects we think are important such as divorce and remarriage, or we try to answer questions.

The second purpose in our visit to Nogales is to supply some financial support to the work. Brother Cesar, the main evangelist, is permanently handicapped with an injured back so he cannot work; each month we give him $300 for living expenses and telephone expenses. We also give Brother Abel $100 and Brother Mariano (in Los Flores) $100; each of these brothers has the church building next to their house and they often provide transportation, food and drink to the brethren. In addition to the monthly expenses, we occasionally give them support for other needs.

About every other month, we visit the congregation in Agua Prieta. We are able to attend their Sunday 4pm assembly and enjoy encouraging the brethren there.

It has been almost a year since we have travelled deeper into Mexico. Quite frankly, we don’t like to go in the summer time because the weather then is exceedingly hot and of course they have no air conditioning. I also need an interpreter to be able to do much evangelistic work. Although Brother Bill Yarbrough is pretty good in Spanish, he is no longer physically able to travel past Nogales and Agua Prieta. We have had Brother Fermin and his son Cesar who have lived many years in the United States who could serve as interpreters; however both have chosen not to stay in Mexico and are returning to the US. I also have been hindered in travelling deeper in Mexico due to spending a large percentage of time ministering to my elderly father-in-law in Texas.

We recently learned from Brother Cesar that there were two individuals in the city of Obregon who desired to be baptized. Since Brother Cesar is handicapped and walks with a cane, it would be very difficult for him to baptize anyone. My wife, Virginia, and I decided to answer the call without the aid of an interpreter. Both of us are working on our Spanish, and Brother Cesar has been working on his English. Together, with God’s help, we believed we would be successful.

On Thursday, March 28, 2013, Virginia and I left our house in Sierra Vista early in the morning. It is about 400 miles to Obregon from our house. We stopped in Nogales to pick up Brother Cesar, his wife Margarita, and their young daughter, Karen. Together we made it to Obregon in the evening where we got two hotel rooms for the night. We discovered that the individuals who desired baptism were Cesar’s daughter, Karina and her husband, Victor.

The next morning we went in search of an irrigation canal to perform the baptisms. Cesar gave a short sermon, took their confessions, and I did the physical baptisms. The young couple was very happy to have their sins forgiven. We spent the rest of the day getting to know them better and encouraging them in their new Christian walk. They are a delightful couple, showing a lot of love to us and to each other. Please pray for their spiritual walk.

On Saturday, we travelled further south to Los Mochis to visit the small church there, consisting of some more of Cesar’s family members. After a short visit, we travelled even further south to Guasave where we obtained a couple of hotel rooms and then went to the pueblito (small community) of Los Flores. Most of the congregation had been waiting much of the day for our arrival. Together we went to the house of an elderly sister and sang a number of songs for her encouragement.

On Sunday, we attended the morning assembly in Los Flores. I spoke a few words in Spanish to the assembly and Brother Cesar gave the sermon. We encouraged the brethren there and they in turn encouraged us. Shortly after the assembly, we left and drove to Obregon so that we could have an assembly with Sister Karina and Brother Victor. We gave them additional encouragement. On Monday we had a long day as we returned home to Sierra Vista, Arizona.

I personally enjoy working with Brother Cesar. He has an excellent spirit and is very knowledgeable in the scriptures. With our knowledge of Spanish and his knowledge of English we were able to communicate between ourselves and those we interfaced with. I believe him to be a good evangelist.

You may be interested in the cost of such a quick five day trip. We try to keep the expenses to a minimum.

Here is a summary:
Hotels $ 217
Gas $ 287
Auto Parts $ 27
Mex. Vehicle Charge $ 57
Road Tolls $ 58
Gifts to Brethren $ 297
Food and Misc. $ 310
Total $1253

If you have questions or would like to further support the work, feel free to contact us.

Please pray for the success of the work and that God would continue to bless us and lead us.

Brother Ed Anderson
Sierra Vista, Arizona