Flooded Gardens


The pictures were sent by Bro. Winston Mhango. They were taken in the Chikwawa and Nsanje areas of Malawi. The report at present is that it is still raining. Many areas of Malawi and Mozambique are in a drought while other areas are flooding. There are many who have lost all of their possessions. Let us keep them in our prayers.
Update from Bro. Bright Chitambi
As many brethren have been reporting about distress caused by the continuously heavy rainfall since the early part of the month January until now, I would like also to commend them for that report. Indeed, this continuous heavy rainfall has caused damages whereby so many people are left homeless and have no gardens due to devastation. In this cause, I would like to emphasize you all brethren from the United States that so many people in Malawi and Mozambique will experience HUNGER as many people depend on maize. Although they farm some other crops such as: sweet potatoes, cassava, pigeon peas, sugar-cane but it is not what all the people depend on, they just farm this to sell and use the money for clothing and groceries as people who live in rural areas. When this heavy rainfall still continuing till now, those their gardens have not devastated are not going to harvest abundantly because many gardens the green plants are turning into yellow. In the area where I live, so many people have lost their hope in maize and they have farming rice and sweet potatoes instead. In the meantime, it is hard for everyone to believe how worse is the hunger in this occasion when a bag of maize weighing 50kg is sold at 6,250 Mk. So, the main problems are for those who are not employed at any other company. Brethren, I am really touched where these poor and needy people can get the money to buy even a 25kg of maize for food. I have been travelling in several places checking the prices of maize but, it’s only few places where the prices are just a little bit down to 5,300 Mk but still this is not a good price at all. And thus why many people here in Malawi and Mozambique are depending on okra leaves only and went to bed. When this ‘LIVE’ update soon get you, first please! Pray for us and also assist us in terrible HUNGER because this is the first time in our history to learn about the bag of maize price being very high as of today. This problem is not for only one side of the country, but the Hunger problem has covered both countries Malawi and Mozambique. On behalf of all brethren, I Bright would like to ask all benevolent to put a hand of assistance as many souls are struggling in this serious problem of HUNGER. Brethren, you will be blessed and commended if this request reaches to your favourably consideration.
The Lord’s work is doing so much better in all parts of the country even though the children of God are experiencing so many problems. In some other places where the prayer houses has been collapsed, all the children of God meet in the houses to not forsake partake their Lord’s Supper every first day of the week. Here is a beautiful story about Bennett Severe, E.C’s young brother who joined the one cupper that call themselves Blantyre mission Church of Christ. Bennett is loosing much of his influence day by day. I have said this because several brethren came to my home and others call me by telephone to go in their location at Wendewende to hold a two days seminary in order to bring back to normal the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, I am arranging the day and date to go hold the teaching as I have asked to do so Lord will.
Your splendid cooperation and kinship in grand cause of our Lord is treasured and greatly appreciated. May the Lord bless you all

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