Update 5-8-19

Brethren, 5/8/19

I have received a couple of emails from the brethren in Malawi that I am sharing with you below. The time for us to leave for Malawi is getting closer. Many of you have helped with the drought and flooding that caused a lot of hardships to our brothers and sisters. Hunger has been a major problem. The funds you have given has helped many. There are still some that are hungry but now a large number of requests for church buildings is being sent. We have slacked off on these in the past due to the hunger. Now as brothers Tim Eldridge, Dana Chandler and I are going over to Malawi, we will receive many request that have not been sent. This trip June 3rd through June 21st will be expensive but we feel that it is necessary to see and work first hand with our brethren in Malawi and Mozambique. Anyone wishing to help with this trip can do so to the address below. It would be greatly appreciated. Please keep us in your prayers.


Church of Christ Africa Fund

1414 Alvaton Road

Gay, Georgia 30218


Email from Bro. Joshua Mhango

Dear Brethren,

First and foremost we would like to thank you for the assistance funds you rendered to us because of the disasters which affected here in Malawi and Mozambique due to heavy rain and strong winds since the year 2018 and 2019. May the Lord bless you all. We are still very sorry because our brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church had lost their lives and some of them their dead body have never seen due to floods. I have kept more updates from various congregations concerning the request funds for the destructive prayer houses so that today I am starting to sending it to you brethren in order to assist them.


I would like to send the request for the destruct prayer houses for the following quotations:-

1. Mchenga Prayer House needs

- 15 iron sheets 32G @ MK4 200 each = MK 63, 000

- 30 bags cement @ MK7 500 each = MK 225, 000

- Timbers amount = MK 230, 000

- Wire and nails = MK 64, 000

- Labour charge for carpenter = MK 60, 000

- Labour charge for builder = MK 120, 000

TOTAL= MK762, 000

2. Malokani Prayer House needs the following items

- Timbers = MK125, 000

- 20 Iron sheets each cost MK4 200 = MK 84, 000

- 40 bags cement cost MK7 500 each = MK300, 000

- Nails and Wire = MK52, 000

- Labour for carpenter, Builder and transportation labour = MK164, 000

TOTAL=MK725, 000

3. Mayaka Prayer House needs the following items:-

- 42 iron sheets each cost MK4 200 = MK 76, 400

- 20 bags cement each cost MK 7 500 = MK150, 000

- Timbers amounting to = MK175, 000

- Wire and nails amounting to = MK45, 200

- Builder labour charge = MK70, 000

- Carpenter’s labour charge = MK48, 000

TOTAL= MK564, 600

4. Dindi prayer House needs the following items

- 18 iron sheets each cost MK4 200 = MK 75, 600

- Timbers amount to = MK205, 000

- 22 bags cement each cost MK7 500 = MK165, 000

- Wire and nails amount = MK48, 000

- Builders labour charge = MK 70, 000

- Carpenter’s labour charge = MK 55, 000

TOTAL = MK618, 600

These prayer houses have been destroyed by the strong winds and heavy rain which I have visited and seen on my eyes. It will be good if you consider the requests. As always started that I am just abridge where the brothers and sisters crossing in the Lord’s ministry, I have several updates request from some evangelists working with those whose areas has no internet where can send the emails so tha I will send their emails to you as soon as possible. Lastly, I wish brother Danny Abercrombie, Danna Chandler and Tim Edlige to have a good trip to Malawi (Africa)

On behalf of the congregations,

Brother in Christ,

Joshua Mhango


Email from Bro Kokole

Dear Bro Danny,

I want to let you know what I had found from the mozambique trip. I started off in the morning of 27th April 2019 and arrived very well. I stayed there for a day.And managed to visit the 6 churches highly affected by the floods, namely: Selemani C/C , Ruwara C/C , Magomero C/C,Epwata C/C, Erikha C/C and Churudzi C/C. Those churches have been severelily affected by the heavy rains called cyclone Idai and they are praying under the trees a very terrible situation. I am the living witness for the situation at hand, that situation is very dangerous to their lives, since the rains are still coming. Please they need urgent assistance for them to buy iron sheets for the 6 churches the church walls are still there all they need are the iron sheets ,roofing poles and nails and money to buy foods. Please Bro Danny talk to our brothers out there to assist as soon as possible as they have always have done. There I met with the following congregations from the different areas and churches in attendance were the following : Nyangani C/C , Nazoro C/C , Muremeni C/C, Magomero C/C, Epwata C/C , Erikha C/C ,Churudzi C/C , Selemani C/C and Nairubi C/C the total number of people was : 321, Baptized were : 17, Repented were: 29. We had a gospel sharing before the baptism to encourage them not to lose hope but to believe in God.

I am looking forward to your coming this June and it is my prayer that this journey be fulfilled. Say hie to Nina and the congregation out there.

With regards

Broh Kokole