Links to photos sent in 2019 emails from Malawi

Links to photos sent in 2019 emails from Malawi ( Click on picture to view album)

Please Note: In the US we write the date MM/DD/YY. In Malawi, as many other countries with European influence, the date is expressed as DD/MM/YY. Most photos containing dates are expressed in the latter format unless taken by American brethren while there. (Example 10-04-2019 is April 10th, 2019 not October)

Mulambe Congregation
Food Distribution
Flood Report
Mulanje (Phalombe) Congregation
Food Distribution
Mambala Baptisms
Mambala Congregation
Thanks for Mulambe
Seed Distribution
Flood - Big Album
Chickwawa Flood
Mulambe Congregation
Flood - Living in Tents - Juwa - Mwanje Washed Away
Chilanga Congregation - Zomba
Goliyati Congregation - Phalombe
Dindi Congregation Phalombe
Mulambe Congregation - Zomba
Uthwa Congregation - Phalombe
Kanjaedza Congregation Phalombe