Work Report and Food Request

Below you will see two emails from our brethren in Malawi. The drought is continuing in certain parts of Malawi and Mozambique. It is causing a lot of hunger problems among our brothers and sisters. If you wish to help, you can send funds to:

Church of Christ Africa fund
1414 Alvaton Road
Gay, Georgia 30218


Dear Brethren,

I was at Mwalija congregation in Chikwawa District,21 gathered,6 confessed. It is a newly established congregation.
I was given an opportunity to be the speaker. The topic was: DON'T FORSAKE THE ASSEMBLY

Books read were -: Hebrews 10:25. Why should we meet every Sunday
Hebrews 13; 14
We have known that we should meet every Sunday, and that we have not permanent village on the earth, what should we do?
John 15:12
If we have known that we haven't followed what the Lord instructs us, what must we do?
Jeremiah 4:14
Earlier before going to Mwalija congregation, we had baptism at Bereu congregation and Kasokeza congregation respectively. I appreatiate the role played by Brethren Nyaika Banda of Bereu coc, Luwani of Lingawa , Elia of Kasokeza and Anderson Manyowa of Nkhate East Bank in baptism.

54 from Bereu , Kalima, Chitimbe, Kapidigula and 16 from Kasokeza. These were added to the Lords Church.

At Mwalija coc, they meet in a rented building but have moulded bricks for construction of the prayer house, and are asking funds for construction when things will be ok especially looking at hunger problem. In several places they request funds for food due to hunger problem.

Another report came from Bro. Namvuwo in Chiradzulu,saying two prayer houses in his area were destroyed by mad winds. They are asking for funds for buying iron sheets.

At Namanda coc in East bank,bro. Manyowa reported that the prayer house was destroyed too and needs iron sheets.

Last Sunday I was at Mantchombe congregation in Chikwawa West. It was a good meeting.

Although we are going through trials and tribulations, the Lords work is still a blessing.

We greatly thank you for all the efforts you have put in the Lord work to lifted up our hands.

We thank you for the raisins for the Lords supper. I first distributed to Bro. Namalawa whom I met in Limbe, the price has gone up and there are more leaders who need these in their areas. The price ranges from Mk56,000 to Mk60,000 per carton at shoprite.

Only a few leaders from a few area got a few of them for a few congregations.

I was very much concerned at Mwalija congregation, a very remote area to find only one member having a Bible but a torn one. A need for Bibles is great there.

May the Lord bless you all in His vineyard.

Winston Mhango


Dear Danny,

Greetings to you all there in America.

Here all we are fine, and God’s work is done well and God’s Church is grow each time, its only Hunger which affecting us here in Malawi and Mozambique . Where ever we go we receive reports about hunger.

And also the brethren’s from Mozambique was came here in Malawi on 9th /02/2019. And on 10th we have prayer together with them at Sagawa Church. And they told us about hunger.

And our brother Tausi from Zomba have sent report to us about hunger each time. But even our own here we are affected with this hunger, if it is possible you can help us , because this month of February each year its difficult to us here in Malawi. But this year is worsen because last year people have not harvest enough maize because of drought.

So we are looking forward from you brethren’s

Yours in Christ,

J.L and Patrick Namalawa.