Messages From Malawi and Mozambique

Below are links to E-mails sent from our Brethren in Malawi who also work in areas of Mozambique and Tanzania. Most of these communications are about Malawi and Mozambique. It is amazing that even though they are experiencing devastating droughts and floods on almost a regular basis, the Lord's work is as strong as ever.

Special thanks to Bro Danny Abercrombie, Bro Winston and Josh Mhango, and Bro Andy Daniel for their tireless efforts getting this information distributed to the Brotherhood.

Archives: 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017


June 27th - Update - 5 albums

June 5th - Encouraging Meetings - 1 album

May 29th - 2018 Malawi Visit Plans

May 27th - Phalombe District - 4 albums

May 15th - Joshua's Report - 4 albums

May 8th - Food and Building Material Request

May 8th - Extra Gardening - 1 album

May 2nd - Lmdesawu Funeral and Garden Project- 2 albums

May 1st - Msimbiti and Phwelemwe Congregations Near Mozambique- 3 albums

April 21st - Chitimbe and Msimbiti + Mozambique - 2 albums

April 15th - Chickwawa Garden - album

April 7th - Fighting Hunger - album included

April 3rd - Baptisms at Bereu - album

March 27th - Umzodi Meeting - album

March 25th - Food Distribution and Mangulenje Prayer House - album

March 12th - Matchua and Thatching a widow's roof - 2 albums

February 28th - Farming Project Support - 1 album

February 12th - Mulambe Congregation - 2 albums

February 5th - Crop Destruction and Food Distribution 2 albums

January 18th - Multiple Brethren Reports - 3 albums


December 19th - Dying Crops - 1 album

December 10th - Bibles and Meetings - 1 album

December 4th - Requests Multiple Brethren

October 7th - Namawala Report

September 19th - Meetings, Weddings, and Baptisms - 6 albums

September 12th - 6 Congregational Visits and Albums

July 31st - Update from WInston

July 11th - Ntendere Congregation

July 10th - Updates

June 6th - Mapsere Congregation and Update - includes 2 albums

May 9th - Updates

April 23rd - Chitimbe Congregation - includes albums

April 11th - Msema and Matamba Congregations - includes 2 albums

April 9th - N'khande Congregation - includes 2 albums

March 22nd - Updates - Includes 2 albums

March 10th - Phalombe District - Includes 3 albums

February 19th - Multiple Congregational visits - includes 3 albums

February 6th - Update from various Brethren

January 29th - Meetings Update - includes photos

January 10th - Goliati Meeting - includes photos


December 17th - Nyambiro Building Collapse - includes album

December 15th - Food Distribution - includes album

December 9th - Drought Situation - Includes album

December 5th - Food Distribution - includes album

December 1st - Malawi and Mozambique Updates - Includes 4 albums

November 30th -Umzodi Congregation ( BCA) in Blantyre - Includes 2 albums

November 15th - Update - includes 2 albums

October 9th - Update - includes 2 albums

September 30th Update in Pictures - includes 4 albums

September 26th - Update - includes album

September 13th - Phalombe, Zomba, and Machinga District Visits- includes album

September 9th - Bro Winston Mhango Report on Mission Trip

Chilanga Congregation - includes album

Mikoko Congregation and Phalombe Garden Work - 2 albums

Aug 5th and 6th - Hunger Situation

August 2nd - Mission Trip Report - Bro Danny Abercrombie

Typical Requests from Malawi as Mission draws near

May 27th - Report from Bro Joshua Mhango - includes album

May 15th - Sagawa Camp Meeting - includes album

Nampunga Congregation in Mozambique - includes album

May 9th - Goliyati Construction - includes album

April 19th - Bro Watson Nambozo Funeral - includes album

April 8th -Food Situation

March 30th -Oscar Chilola Report

Jombo Baptisms - includes album

March 11th - Updates- includes 3 albums

Karonga Trip and Baptisms - includes album

February 29th - Flour Distribution - includes album

February 26th - Food Issues- Bro Danny, Joshua, and Justin - includes album

February 22nd - Makhwatha congregation

February 11th - Food and Seed Distribution - includes 2 albums

Videos from Evangelists to US Brethren (10 videos)

Limbe Evangelist Meeting - includes album

January 24th - Report on Bereu and Jan/Feb Mission Trip- includes 2 albums

February 8th - Food Distribution - includes 2 albums

January 18th - Update from Winston - includes album

January 12th - Update - includes 2 albums

January 6th - Update from Josh Mhango


December 30th - Mithungu, Mambala and Mulambe Congregations - includes 2 albums

December 15th - Food, Raisins, and Fund Distributions - includes 3 albums

December 10th - Unity and Peace

December 1st - Report Mesaka Congregation - includes 2 albums

November 16th - Food Distribution Report - includes 2 albums

November 12th - Mozambique Report

November 7th - Bros Mhango, Makhela, and Namalawa Updates - Includes photos

October 26th - Bro Joshua Update - Includes 3 albums

October 13th - Bro Winston Update - Includes 3 albums

October 5th - Encouraging Update - Includes 3 albums

September 29th - Update Abercrombie and Namalawa

September 28th - New Congregation Work- Chiddi- Includes album

September 21st - Update Requests and Msema Congregation- Includes 2 albums

September 9th - New Congregation- Pulika- Includes album

September 4th - Update and 2015 Mulanje Camp Meeting- Includes album

September 2nd - Ntchewu Congregation Established- Includes album

August 28th - Agness Katunga Nambazo Funeral and Bereu Meeting - Includes 2 albums

August 25th - Deaths in Malawi

August 25th -Karonga - Masamba - Dwayana - Report - Includes 3 albums

August 17th -Chisombezi Congregation

August 12th -Chikapa Congregation - Includes album

July 30th - Iron Sheets/Chiridzulu area congregations- Includes 5 albums

July 27th - Construction Progress - Includes album

July 27th - Food Distribution - Includes album

July 24th - Report and Request - Bright

July 21st - Matandala and Mulambe Report - Includes album

July 14th - Sombani Congregation - Includes album

June 26th - Report - Kokole

June 19th - Garden Progress - Includes album

June 4th - Karonga Trip - Includes album

June 4th - Chiddi Trip - Includes album

May 21th - Crop destruction - Includes album

May 18th - Pakamwa and Mwanza Garden - Includes 2 album

May 11th - Bereu Gathering and Pakamwa Garden - Includes album

May 6th - Many Thanks - Includes album

April 30th - Bereu Gathering - Food and Fertilizer Distribution - Includes three albums

April 22nd - Field Work and Chemicals - Includes photos

April 22nd - Thank you from the Brethren in Thyolo

April 20th - Mwanza Congregation - Includes album

April 20th - Pakamwa Garden Update - Includes album

April 15th - Chiradzulu, Mikoko, and Garden Field Work - Includes Photos

April 7th - Makhwatha Congregation Visit and Seed Distribution - Includes Photos

April 7th - Winter Gardening - Includes Photos

April 6th- Updates in Pictures - Six Photo albums

March 24th - Thanks and Updates - Includes Photos

March 24th - Seeds and Food Thank You (2 photo albums)

March 14th - Food Distribution, Members from Bereu, Lingawa and Mitole Congregations
Nasho and Simbi Congregations (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

March 9th - Food Distributions Multiple Congregations

March 9th - Photos of Destruction on East Bank

March 9th - Report from Bro Bright

March 6th - Handwritten Letters in PDF form sent from the Brethren at Kachere Congregation

March 6th - Mathiya Congregation Food Distribution - Includes Photos

March 5th - Open Letter to Brotherhood from Bro Tony Whiddon

March 5th - Letter from Josh Mhango and JL Namawale

March 4th - Pictures sent by Josh Mhango - "Current Floods In Pictures" was the subject line
(Some may be duplicates from other albums)

March 1st - Bereu Meeting - Includes Photos

March 1st - Update on Food Aid - Includes Photos

February 28th - Report on Funds Distribution

February 26th - Bro Tinason laid to rest - Includes Photos of the Memorial Service

February 26th - Flood Worsening comes into Bereu - Includes Photos

February 25th - Food Distribution Report - Includes Photos

February 20th - Chilanga-Zomba and Phaloni Report - Includes Photos

February 19th - Hunger on East Bank

February 15th - Food Distribution Update

February 12th - Bro James Namawala Requests

February 12th - Bro Harry Memorial in Chikwawa- Includes Photos

February 12th - Bro Tinason Sickness- Includes Photos

February 12th - Urgent Request

February 9th - Food Distribution and Assistance - Includes 2 Photo Albums

February 2nd- Passing of Bro Harry Cobb

January 22nd - Thanks and Requests Phaloni - Includes Photos

January 21st - Report in Pictures for Phaloni, Phalombe

January 21st - Pictures of Flooding Phaloni

january 21st - Photo Album - Food Distribution

January 8th - Photo Album - More Flood Pictures

January 8th - Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts Floods - Includes Photos

January 6th - Flooding Destruction Gardens- Includes Photos

January 6th - Requests - Includes Photo


Combined Reporting in "Beams" Email

December 30th - Phalombe Food Distribution - Includes Photos

December 30th - Phalombe Congregation - Includes Photos

December 26th - Wind Destruction 2 Mulambe Congregation- Includes Photos

December 26th - Wind Destruction Malata, Limphangwi, Misili, Nsanjama Congregations- Includes Photos

November 6th - Chavalamasengo Congregation - Includes Photos

October 18th, 21st - Kandiero Congregation - Photos of Harvest in Text

October 12th - Namasherema I Congregation

October 1st - Maize/Bean Harvest - Includes Photos

October 1st - Thank You - Includes Photos

October 1st - Mangulenje Congregation Meeting - Includes Photos

August 28th - Karonga-Tanzania Trip - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Mpachika Congregation (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Teleranyani congregation (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Nakhongolo Congregation (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Mkuze and Nkhunzi Congregation (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Phula Congregation (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Tete Congregation (Mozambique) - Includes Photos

Aug 28th - Nyasa and Zambezia Province Mozambique - Includes Photos

Aug 27th - Pakamwa and Sharing of the Garden- Includes Photos

Aug 27th - Mombo congregation in Mozambique - Includes Photos

Aug 21st - Misiri Congregation Trip

Aug 8th - Mtambo and Mulambe Congregations - Includes Photos

Aug 8th -Leader's Meeting - Includes Photos

May 19th - Pakamwa Garden Update - Includes Photos

May 16th - Report on Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe Mission

May 16th - Request for Bibles

May 15th - Msema Congregation - Includes Photos

April 23rd - Phaloni Meeting - Includes Photos

Gardening Progress along Shire (Photo Album)

April 3rd - Hunger Situation - Phalombe - Includes Photos

March 4th - McHenga and Mikoko Congregations - Includes Photos

Thanks from Malawi - Includes Photos

Matamba - February 9th - Baptisms - Includes Photos

Matamba - February 9th - Other Work - Includes Photos

January 30th - Report - Includes Photos

(Dates are Approximate)


December 29th - General Update (2 Photo Albums Included)

December 16th - Update

October 11, 12 & 13th- Province of Nyasa at Sade, Mozambique (Pictures Included)

October 11th - Bulugamu Congregation

October 6th - Mozambique Meeting

October 1st - Summary from Danny and Keith's trip

September 15th - Letter from Danny and Keith

Open Letter from Danny

August 12th - Pictures from Bros Harry and Tony's visit to Bereu

August 10th - Letter from Bright Chitambi about recent visit

August 5th - Meeting in Nyasa Province in Mozambique

August 5th - Upcoming Trip (Danny and Keith)

August 1st - Chitimbe Garden Progress (Includes Photo Gallery)

Letter 5 - 2013 Trip by Harry Cobb and Tony Whiddon to Malawi - July 26th

Letter 4 - 2013 Trip by Harry Cobb and Tony Whiddon to Malawi - July 20th

Letter 3 Extended - 2013 Trip by Harry Cobb and Tony Whiddon to Malawi - July 17th

July 17th -Pakamwa Garden (Includes Photo Gallery)

Letter 3 - 2013 Trip by Harry Cobb and Tony Whiddon to Malawi - July 15th

Letter 2 - 2013 Trip by Harry Cobb and Tony Whiddon to Malawi - July 7th

Letter 1 - 2013 Trip by Harry Cobb and Tony Whiddon to Malawi - July 1st

July 6th - Chinyanje and Masamba (Includes 5 Photo galleries including baptisms and wedding cermony)

June 8th - Pakamwa Village (Includes Photo gallery)

June 8th - Limphangwia and Other Meetings (Includes Photo Gallery)

June 6th - Fertilizer, Garden, Eastbank Congregations (includes Photo Gallery) also includes photos of construction at Nachawale

May 23rd - Garden Update (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Matamba Congregation (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Scouting for Garden Space (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Children Fishing (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Bereu Teaching on Lord's Supper (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Gardening Activities (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Misiri Congregation (includes Photo Gallery)

May 16th - Phalombe Report - Kokole and Mhango (includes Photo Gallery)

May 9th - Mpama/Garden/4 Updates (includes Photo Gallery)

May 6th - Report from Nampunga

April 29th - Report from Khwakhwanyiwa (2 pictures at bottom)

April 23rd - Report on Congregations and Agriculture (includes Photo Gallery)

April 16th - Report on Hunger - Funds Distribution

April 6th - Chitimbe Congregation (includes Photo Gallery)

April 6th - Garden at Shire in Chickwawa (includes Photo Gallery)

April 4th - Meetings Phaloni, Kamseche, and Thomu (includes Photo Gallery)

April 4th - Food/Seed Distribution (includes Photo Gallery)

March 26th - Meeting With Youth (includes Photo Gallery)

March 22nd - Work in Chickwawa, Phalombe, Nsanje Districts (includes Photo Gallery)

March 11th - Meeting Information and Seed Distribution (includes Photo Gallery)

March 4th - Garden Seeds (includes Photo Gallery)

March 4th - Malaria (includes Photo Gallery)

March 4th - Kungaecha Congregation (includes Photo Gallery)

February 27th - Phaloni District Seed Distribution (includes Photo Gallery)

February 27th - Help with clothes and shelter (includes Photo Gallery)

February 20th - Floods (includes Photo Album

February 15th - Flooded Gardens (Includes Photo Album)

February 12th - Bereu Garden Flood (includes Photo Album)

February 12th - Nsanje and Eastbank Food Distribution (includes Photo Album)

February 3rd - Distress - Bro Bright (no pictures)

January 31st - Update Mtamba and Zambezia (includes Photo Album)

January 20th - Updates on Several Congregations (Pictures at bottom)