Update from Malawi


I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has given for the work in Malawi and Mozambique. Every penny given is used to help our brothers and sisters who are in need. Below are two emails sent to me concerning the work there. The church is growing, thanks to our faithful brethren who work so hard in the ministry. The trials and tribulations have been going on for a long time and it is hopeful it will end after the first of the year, Lord willing. As we sit down to the table this Thanksgiving Day, let us remember those our brothers and sisters that would love to have the food we threw away. We have so much and others have so little. May each and everyone have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day.



Dear Brethren,

We are greatly honored and thankful for the good Lord who has been with us in a long cycling trip from Mozambique and Eastbank to visit brethren at Bereu congregation. It is our pleasure to appreciate Bro. Winston Mhango for the good work he is doing in the Lords ministry. We have seen unity and developments in the Lords ministry through his experience. We must also thank you Bro. Dan for all the efforts demonstrated in His vine yard. The Lord should bless you too.

We must thank you all the brethren for the food aid for hunger problem you sent through Bro. Winston. Also the raisins for the Lords supper. The materials are scarce in our area but we got them from Bro. Winston.


As we have already thanked you for all the efforts you demonstrate among us in His yard, hunger problem is still a threat to us. We appeal to you to continue helping us with funds for buying food.

As you already know that in Mozambique we had civil war for several years, many things were destroyed. Our prayer houses are not good. Almost all congregations in our area meet under a tree and when it rains the service is disturbed. We there ask you to help us with for buying iron sheets and cement for the construction of good and strong prayer houses.

We thank you in advance for your positive consideration. We want some of you to pay us a visit next year.

May the Lord bless you all.
Bro.Justin Maideni,Makharuka coc
Bro.Simoni Manjolo,Dulamanja coc
Bro.Austin Matemba,Malondwe coc
Bro.Godfrey Seven,Mathiya coc
Bro.Austin Nangumi,Kachere coc
Bro.Anderson Manyowa,Nkhate coc
Bro.Chigwenjere,Mtemanga coc
Bro.Obrey,Nachikasi coc
Bro.Tobiasi Kaphesi,Ndombo coc
Bro.Elia,Maideni coc


Dear Brethren

This is to let you know that we had the meeting at Matamba Congregation where by the leaders from 50 congregations surrounding province Nyasa and province Zambezi in Mozambique were gathered. It was fruitful meeting because the leaders from Mozambique were very interesting with the meeting. They were asking more questions from the Lessons concerning;

1. Leadership
2. Who is a Leader?
3. Divorce and remarriage
4. Conflicts
5. Causes of Conflict in the Lord’s church
6. The results of conflict




One Hundred Leaders from 50 Congregations from Mozambique while in Phalombe District there were 18 leaders. Distribution of the Bibles and Songs were also done. The Brethren from Mozambique and Malawi in various congregations are sending thanks due to assistance funds you rendered for buying the Bibles and hymns through Brother Danny Abercrombie.


The Brethren from various congregations in Malawi and Mozambique are requesting funds from you brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church in America, there is a real problem of hunger so that we are asking you brethren to take part to assist the victims as soon as you can.

Expected to receive the pictures for the activities we did last week.

Lastly, receive greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ.

May the Lord bless you all.

We remain to hear from you

Brother in Christ

Joshua Mhango