Update on Evangelistic Trip Malawi/ Mozambique

Golyati Meeting

Nyonyo Congregation

Elurakapata Meeting

Baptisms Nyonyo, Erulakapata and Chilazulu

Chiliazulu Congregation

Matamba Building Project

Dear brethren,

I would like to let you know that, i was out of my home the trip to Phalombe where we hold the meeting at Goliyati congregation in order to encourage the Lord’s work, after the meeting at Goliyati congregation (Phalombe ) we proceeded to hold the meeting at Province Nyasa and province Zambezia in Mozambique. In Mphalombe we had a one day meeting while in Mozambique we had sevene days meeting in various congregation.

It was the good trip because the Lord protected us in all the way and the people from the church of denominationalism accepted to be rebaptized after understand the teachings.

The report are as follows:-

People gathered 198
People confessed 21

In Mozambique we had three meetings in different districts, but the long way- these are the reports from the meetings held in Mozambique.

People gathered 280
People confessed 36

People gathered 360
People confessed 27
People baptized 61

People gathered 295
People confessed 16

People gathered 401
People confessed 43
People baptized 25

14th September 2018-09-19
People gathered 295
People confessed 26
People baptized 75

16th September 2018 Elulakapata Congregations
People gathered 324
People confessed 18

Brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church in America i would like to asure you that the Lord’s work here in Africa Malawi and Mozambique are very much expanding in various areas. It was fantastic work which have been done in Mozambique on this trip, it will unforgettable trip. 161 people baptized on the three meetings at Mozambique.

Another report from Mozambique where brother Jasiten Kafantaye and Goodson Majawa held the meetings at different congregations in province Nyasa and province Zambezia at the same month of September 2018.

The updates from brother Jasten Kafantaye, brother J.Kafantaye hold the church meeting at Chilomo congregation.

Chilomo congregation 9th September 2018-09-19
People gathered 185
People confessed 15
People baptized 55

Brother Goodson Majawa hold the meeting at Khatho congregations on 9th September 2018

The report are as follows:-

People gathered 113
People confessed 11
People baptized 31

We had five meetings in various area of Mozambique after discussed with the evangelists concerning baptism and rebaptized. I told the evangelists and the leaders surrounding the congregations of Mozambique that if people accepted to add in the Lord’s church they must be baptized them instead of waiting us to be there because we can not afford to reach every congregation thats why we made the plan of having five meetings. It seems that we killed five birds with one stone. One trip we hold five meetings. I would like to thank the congregations leaders of Mozambique for hard working in the Lord’s ministry.

We are very delighted due to the activities we did in the Lord’s ministry in the month of September 2018. You can see the results of five meetings 247 people were baptized in Mozambique.

The lessons and teachings were on
Leadership :Qualifications, roles of leaders in the Lords ministry, roles of members in the Lord’s family, the books were Isaiah 9:16, Mathews 15:14, 1 Timothy 3:8-13, Eksodus 3:16, Eksodus 18:13-25, Acts 20:29-30, Hebrews 13:17, 1 peter 5:2-3, Timothy 5:17 and Acts 5:38-39)

Background of conflicts, causes of conflicts, why conflicts never end in some areas, ways of resolving conflicts peacefully in the Lord’s family, books read were Genesis 4:3-8, Genesis 27:33-41, Genesis 39:7-20, 2 Samuel 17:21-23, Mathews 27: 3-5)

John 4:24
Mathews 15:9
Rev. 22:18-19

Ex 20:18, Acts 20:7, Hebrews 10:25, 1 Corinthians 14:40 we were also study each item of worship.
1. Prayer (Acts 2:42)
2. Singing (Hebrews 2:12)
3. Giving (Acts 20:35) 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
4. Communion “ Acts 20:7
5. Preaching (2 Tim 2:15) 2 Timothy 4:2, Mathews 23:8-12.

The brethren in Mozambique are still sending thanks due to assistance funds you rendered for buying iron sheets , bicycles, food and etc. May the Lord bless you all.

1. Food
2. Iron sheets
3. Cement
4. Raisins
5. Bibles

Brethren in the Lords church in America, i am sending the requests from the brethren in Mozambique where we hold the meetings. In other areas there is areal problem of hunger so that there is a need of assistance. Lets come to the Lords super, in Mozambique most of the areas there is no shops where the brethren can buy raisins so that they are ask funds which can buy here at Malawi and distribute to them. They also ask funds for buying iron sheets for the 3 prayer houses namely

1. Nyongo congregation
2. Mwananguzi II
3. Musi congregation

We will be overjoyed if you consider it as soon as you can.

We remain to hear from you

Brother in Christ.
Joshua Mhango

Dear brethren

We are brothers and sisters in the Lords church at Matamba congregations (Phalombe district). We are very indeed to have an opportunate of sending our email through brother Joshua Mhango who is our bridge where we are crossing with the Lord ministry. Our main aim of sending our email is due to assistance of funds you sent to us to bult and roofing the prayer house, we have nothing to give you but God may bless you all. We also sending thanks to brother Danny Abercrombie and Joshua Mhango for the tremendous work they are doing in the Lords work.

Lastly we are sending greetings to you all in the name of Jesus.

On behalf of the congregations
Samsison Misasa
Williki Medison
Sauka Malata

Dear brethren,

We are the members of the congregations surrounding Mangochi district working with bro. Joshua Mhango. There are 12 congregations here in Mangochi working with Bro. Joshua. Our main purpose of sending our email through Brother Joshua, we are requesting funds for buying food due to drought situation which are taking place in other areas in Mangochi district. We are ask you brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church in America to assist us as soon as you can so that we can distribute to the most needy. We are sending thanks to brother Tonny Whildon and Danny Abercrombie for the good teachings they did.

Lastly, we will be enjoyed if you will consider it.

Brothers in Christ,

John Wayson
William Mgodi
Makwacha Kachala
Josephy Komwera


Dear brethren

I am one of the leaders from province Nyasa in Mozambique. I would like to let you know that we have shortage of food in other congregations here at Mozambique so that we are requesting funds for buying food for the victims. This is happening due to shortage of rain and Army worms. We have already expressed the issues to Brother Danny and Tony when he was here in July. Thank you very much for the assistance funds you rendered to us through Bro.Danny to buy iron sheets and bicycles. May the lord bless you all.

We remain to hear from you.

On behalf of the congregations

Goodson Majawa
Juwakiyi Kaputeni


Dear brother Danny

We would like to send thanks for the funds you sent through brother Joshua where we hold the meetings may the Lord be with you. We had the good trips to Mozambique where we hold five meetings according the experience of brother Joshua. One stone killed five birds. It was a wonderful job, 247 were baptized some members from the Pentecostal church and Muslims added to the Lords church. The Lord should be appreciated.

We wish you a good healthy.

Brothers in Christ

Isack Jack
Laston Nang’ombe
Juwaki Captain
Patrick Namalira
Sauka Malata
Batoni Chimkango
Sidireck Luka
Joshua Mhango

The funds you sent for transport were used with 8 leaders on our trip, receive the pictures for them.