November, December 2018 to February, 2019 Philippine Report

2018, November and December, and 2019 January

These months are on the down side of the stormy season in the Philippines. However, we received numerous requests for food and medical needs, and thanks to the generous donations from the U.S. congregations and brothers many of these were addressed.

November, December, and most of January were spent in preparing for our trip to the Philippines. Between Edward Anderson and myself, about 20 lessons/sermons were prepared and emailed to multiple members in the Philippines to be translated into 4 different languages/dialects. Then they would email them back to us, we would reformat them and put them on power point and printout final drafts to be copied in the Philippines and bind them in a folder. As you might guess, this took much longer then we had hoped, and some of the final editing was done a day or two before we left.

We flew to the Philippines on Jan27th and returned on Feb. 19th. Here some of the highlights of our journeys. Bro. Ed Anderson from Sierra Vista, AZ, myself, Duane Cogburn and my wife, Anita, from Albuquerque, NM, went this year.

We met with members from about 35 different congregations, visiting at least 20 congregations in person and speaking. The remainder of the members/evangelists from the other congregations met in joint seminar settings to reduce our travels and avoid some areas that Americans are targets for kidnapping. Some of the evangelists from the unsafe, remote areas, traveled 6 to 8 hours on bus or jeepney public transportation to get to the meeting places.

Our messages/lessons varied from place to place, as we inquired in advance what subjects the members would like to hear and talk about. Additional informal small group studies we held to discuss their questions in more depth with the native evangelists.

A little over three weeks of travels among five islands were blessed with safety and no thefts as we experienced two years ago. The Filipinos believe a meal is incomplete without rice, so we had more rice in that time period than we Americans have in an entire year! All three of us stayed fairly healthy, suffering a little from allergies and smoky air at the end of the trip.

We visited some new congregations this year. Presently, the number of congregations that we know of are about 60 or more, with about 15 to 25 members in each plus many, many children.

As usual we had many requests for food, as some areas have not harvested the newly planted crops after the storms in the fall months. We were able to meet these requests with the generous contributions that came in the weeks before we left.

From several special private donations we received, we purchased and took 10 I-Pad tablets and 5 laptops with bible sermon preparation programs pre-loaded on them. These were distributed to the evangelists that were literate in English. However, some programs, like E-Sword had the native Tagalog bible that could be referenced and used to build sermons. The units also had word processing and slide preparation programs on them to organize their talks.

Additionally, we took alternative health items that we distributed. Anita embroidered many book markers for the women to use in their bibles, however the markers were a big hit among some of the male members too. She also had embroidered many small towels for the ladies. They use these over their mouth and nose to minimize breathing the smoke from the foliage fires they burn to repel the mosquitoes. Several of the Albuquerque families donated matchbox cars, crayons, hair bows, and small toy animals for the children. We took at least 200 small coloring books for the children, which they devoured, and cherished. Over a 1000 packs of non-hybrid open pollination Vegetable seeds were packaged and distributed to the rural families.

The Albuquerque members contributed generously to address multiple church buildings damaged by termites, storms, and floods. These funds were distributed among the Luzon congregations. The members in these congregations had been saving towards the needed repairs, and these U.S. funds helped them to begin/continue work. One new congregational building was in progress from Filipino contributed land, blocks, and concrete. We were able to use some of these funds to start on their roof structure.

With the help of an unexpected contribution from the Phoenix brothers, an old van for the work on Panay and Negros was replaced with a used 2012 Toyota van. Bros. Bill Yarbrough and Harry Cobb had helped to purchase the old used Mercedes Van 10 years ago, but parts were becoming impossible to find and it was of very little use to them now. Bro. Chris Amihay, his wife Premie, and son Michael help and minister to about 10 congregations, traveling over 200 miles each time.

We sincerely appreciate and thank all who have donated to make this trip possible and for the funds we were able to distribute for food, bibles, and medical needs while there. The donations made from Colorado, California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Alabama congregations and various individuals were very useful for these needs. May God bless each of you as you have shared in this work effectively.

In November, 2018, the following distribution of funds was made: Evangelists’ support $1,663, Evangelism expenses $21, Building repair/rent, benches, bibles $1,555; Medical expenses $714; Emergency foods due to floods and loss of crops $710; Charity (by private donation) $204; and prepaid expenses for the Feb. trip to the Philippines $3,753.

In December 2018, the following distribution of funds was made: Evangelists’ support $2,509, Evangelism expenses $1,058, Building repair/rent, benches, bibles $404, Medical expenses $659, Emergency foods due to floods and loss of crops $1,507, funerals $304, and prepaid expenses for the Feb. trip to the Philippines 1,397.

In January, 2019, the following distribution of funds was made: Evangelists’ support $1661, Evangelism expenses $339, Building repair/rent, benches $100, Medical expenses $1031, and prepaid expense for the Feb. trip to the Philippines $5,441.

In February, 2019, most of the expenses were for the trips and the funds disbursed while we were there. The totals below include the expenses that were prepaid that were shown above in Nov. Dec. and Jan. expenses. Travel to and from the Philippine Islands from U.S.: $3109; Travel (Van rental, fuel, tolls, fares, ferries and buses) while in the Philippines with the brothers that accompanied us to the congregations and different islands: $3379; Meals for all while traveling $1296; Charity to those in need $1201; bibles/songbooks/ study material $550; Copies and binders of lessons in five languages, $395; Evangelists expense and donations, $1789; Food for the members and meetings, $2906; Building repairs, $148; Medical and Alternative treatment items, $1893; Rooms and rented meetings places, $3508.

Additional funds for specific requests that were collected by special contributions: Vehicle replacement, $12,000; new church buildings and major repairs to buildings, $8,000; Electronic devices (15) with Bible concordances, Strongs, Naves, and other lesson preparation programs for primary teachers and evangelists, $3,508.

An Appeal for an immediate and Urgent Need. Bro Mario and Sister Lorie Moral have asked for financial help for an operation that Sister Lorie needs as soon as possible. It is a tumor by her throat, malignant and is making it hard to swallow and it should be removed. The doctor and hospital bill is estimated at $3,400. Bro. Mario is a key evangelist in the Zambales area, travels to several congregations each Sunday, and has been a vital part of filling the void left in Kalakan, Olongapo, when Bro. Rudy Gonzales passed away several years ago. He has helped the young men in lesson preparation, lots of bible studies with them, taught the younger members and kids shaped notes and how to glorify God in their singing with the help of Bro. Rex Gonzales, Bro. Rudy’s grandson. Bro Mario and Sis. Lorie and have 3 children. Any special donations for Sister Lorie will be welcomed.

God’s grace be with you all.

Duane Cogburn and Ed Anderson

I have attached a list of requests that we were not have to help with while we were there.


Below are excerpts from some of the many emails we receive from our brothers in the Philippines. Some have been edited for brevity and so that their English can be better understood.

Roderick Barroga ‎Feb‎ ‎13 at ‎5‎:‎01‎ ‎AM

Hello brother Duane, I hope you are having a great day. I am composing this email using the iPad you gave me. I want to thank you for this blessing, and I glorify God because of your goodness and generosity. Also send my greetings and gratitude to sister Anita. I am also an advocate of alternative medicine or herbal medicine. I also want to share to you that I composed my sermon this coming Sunday using the iPad, this is very helpful to me. Once more thank you very much brother Duane.

Your brother in Christ Roderick Barroga

Mario & Lorie Moral To: Ed Anderson and Duane Cogburn

‎Feb‎ ‎23 at ‎8‎:‎09‎ ‎AM




Chris and Premie Amihay, Colonog, Panay

Good morning Bro. Duane.. How are you and sister Anita? Hope you are feeling well now after 3 weeks journey to the Philippines. We thanks you all for everything you had done during your visit here in our country. Thanks for the encouraging message you brought out here. May our Lord bless you more.

Godie, Subic Bay, LuzonMon 4:40 AM 2-18-19

Bro. Duane, I am hoping that all is well, this photos is taken when the brethren in Cawag is carrying the materials for the flooring of the chapel that we bought from your help. They will start working tomorrow. We also bought cement and iron bars.

Take care bro. God bless you always , Godie

Wednesday 2-20-19 They are already working for the flooring in cawag, they will finish it today

Godie Policarpio, Subic Bay, Luzon

‎Mar‎ ‎6 at ‎7‎:‎26‎ ‎AM

Dearest bro. Ed, Duane and all the Brethren,

You are all in my prayers, a warmest greetings to all, I am hoping that you are doing fine and in good health.

I know your labor for the glory of the Lord, not just only sharing your funds, even up to the extent also giving almost all the things you have to us, even your life, I knew that you two are old enough doing these things, but this does not hinders you to show your love and kindness to everyone of us. I would like to let you know that great is your rewards in heaven. We really appreciated all your love and kindness.

You know what brother? Even though I am already a public teacher, I haven't forgot my first love, that is God, and preaching His words, that is already inbeded in my heart, my soul and in my mind. I am longing to be a full-time worker for His vineyard, even though I am in the school I always find time to have Bible study, even to my students. I also pursue my masters degree together with my wife every Saturday, we are doing this because we are looking forward for our retirement, for us to have a big retirement benefits someday. So that we have budget for the evangelism work. Part of our salary goes to the bank because we are preparing for the schooling of our daughter Faith, because she is about to go to College, after a year, and also for our masters degree, and also for preaching.


Premie Guillepa Amihay facebook Posting

February 20 at 3:14 AM ·

Church of Christ brethren lunch after the Bible seminar at Zaycoland Resort Kabankalan city Negros Occidental,Philippines

Premie Guillepa Amihay Facebook Posting

February 21 at 6:06 AM ·

Camingawan Church of Christ with Hologon brethren...with Brother Gaspar church leader and Bro. Tote Amihay.,church leader Hologon congregation Kabankalan Negros Occidental

Premie Guillepa Amihay is with Anita Cogburn.

February 20 at 4:51 PM ·

Roxas city congregation.,Capiz province

Premie Guillepa Amihay February 20 at 4:51 PM

Passi city congregation,Panay island Philippines. Premie Guillepa Amihay
February 20 at 4:51 PM ·

Passi city congregation,Panay island Philippines.

Godie facebook messenger 3-7-19

Dear brother Duane, I and Jennmark got some woods in Cawag church for the repair of the church at calapandayan, I, Jennmark and bro. Augusto work together for the repair, it is already finish.

Philippine Churches and Personal Requests Outstanding
Updated 3/7/19

Req. Date Contact/location Reason for Request US $

2/8/19 Bro. Mario and his Urgent need for operation to remove a tumor by the esophagus $ 3,400
wife Lorie

2/6/19 Bro. Steven Cuamio funds to put with their savings to buy a used car to minister to $ 800
Angels, Luzon Churches. Their family is growing and car is needed.

2/6/19 Mountain bros. Funds to construct a retaining/flood wall to protect their church $ 300
Palayan City, Luzon building

2/8/19 Bro. Jominan Paulo funds to put with his to replace a 12-year old motorcycle that he $ 800
Lubao, Luzon uses in his evangelism work.

2/8/19 Mexico, Luzon funds to finish their perimeter wall around the building $ 200

2/20/19 Bro. Mario at funds to complete storm and flood repairs and improvements $ 1,000
San Marcellino to the church building

3/2/19 Bro Rodelis funds to help with his Mother eye operation. $ 400

Total Requests to date $ 6,900