Msimbiti and Phwelemwe Congregations Near Mozambique

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Baptisms at Phwelemwe Congregation

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Phwelemwe Congregation

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Msimbiti Building Project

Dear Brethren,

First and foremost I would like to send thanks from the members of the Lord’s church at Msimbiti congregation and Phwelemwe congregation for the assistance funds you rendered to buy iron sheets, timbers, cement and other items for their prayer houses.

The members have nothing to give you but God will do something from what you have removed in your pocket. We are not forgetting to thank Brother Danny Abercrombie who is aged man but he is doing a tremendous work to communicate with us here in Africa.

We had the meeting at Phwelemwe congregation near Mozambique boarder. The report is as follows:-

People gathered 95

People confessed 11

People baptized 12

I will send the pictures for the activities we did and the project of Msimbiti Prayer House which have been started.

Lastly, may the Lord bless you all.

Brother in Christ,

Joshua Mhango