Reports from Multiple Brethren

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Goliyati Congregation

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Distributing Food

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Dear brethren,

This is to let you know that we had the church meeting at Goliyati congregation in order to encourage the Lord’s ministry.

The report are as follows:-

People gathered : 304

People confessed : 26

I taught the brethren the Lord’s words from Mathews 24:3, Mathews 26:26

The members of the congregations are sending thanks to you all brethren in the Lord’s church you rendered to us to buy food and chemicals so that the Lord may bless you all. Brethren i would like to assure you that drought is in bad situation, the brethren in other areas, they are using mangos as food.

There are still need of funds for buying food as soon as you can. I will send the pictures for food distribution and the church meetings held at Goliyati congregation.

I remain to hear from you

Brother in Christ

Joshua Mhango


Dear brother Danny,

I would like to send thanks due to tremendous work you are doing in the Lord’s work in Africa Malawi and Mozambique. The Lord’s ministry is going on well and expanding in various area. We are also sending thanks due to assistance of funds you sent through brother Joshua concerning hunger and chemicals, may the Lord bless you and those whom donated the funds for it. I am still receiving the updates request of funds for buying food from the various congregations in Malawi and Mozambique. I tried to send some requests to brother Joshua who is easily reachable with you through the phone and emails. Brother Danny, drought is in bad situation, there is no rain since Christmas 2017. There will be a very big bad situation of hunger in the year of 2018 due to the climate change. I am very discouraged to see, more people are going to Mozambique to get mangoes to use as their staple food. Brother Danny i am asking you to continue sending our updates requests to the brethren in the Lord’s church in America as you are the bridge where the members of the Lord used to cross as brother Joshua stated. There are still needs of funds for buying buying food as soon as you can. We also thanks brother Joshua for hard working in the Lord’s work and allowing us to send our emails through him. I wish you a good healthy life. May the Lord be with you.

Brother in Christ.

Izeck Jack


Dear brother Danny

We are the brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church in province Zambezia in Mozambique. Before we proceed, we would like to know your healthy conditions this year. It is almost a year without see you, hopefully if God allows we will see you in July 2018 as brother Joshua informed us. The brethren here at Province Zambezia have desire to see you and hear your teachings the words of the Lord. We are ask God to give you healthy life so that, we will meet in July this year.

Brother Danny, we would like to let you know that there is a bad situation of hunger here at province Zambezia so that we are ask you to send our requests to the brethren in the Lord’s church in America. We are very great concerned due to the shortage of rain, the crops are drying. We don’t know what we are going to do this year. We have no more words to say, we will be overjoyed if you consider our requests.

Brothers in Christ

Laston Nang’ombe, Frances Misikani, Goodson Majawa, Juwaki Kaputeni, Jasiteni Kafantaye


Dear brethren,

We are the members in the Lord’s church from Mangochi district where by working with brother Joshua Mhango. The Lord’s work is going on well although we had lost Evangelist Godfrey Kazembe three months.

Our main reason of sending an email though brother Joshua are requesting funds for buying food. The drought is taking place here in Mangochi so that if there are brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church in America whom can afford to donate the funds for it, try to do as soon as you can through brother Joshua Mhango. As we are sending the updates most of the members are using mangoes as food like (nsima) it is very hot, the crops in our fields are continue drying in various areas due to shortage of rain. We are still sending thanks due to assistance of funds you rendered to buy the bibles and songs. The Lord may bless you all. You will hear more updates from brother Joshua Mhango whom is trying to communicate with brother Danny Abercombie those who are working hand in hand in the Lord’s ministry.

We remain to hear from you.

On behalf of the congregations

Brothers in Christ,

Jasteni Makwacha John Wyson , Samuel Njere, Peter Nguluwe


Our dear brethren in Christ ,

We write to thank you all in America for the assistance you give us through Brother Danny and Brother Justin . Just recently we have recieved funds for food and chemicals to fight against worms that have attacked our maize crop .We thank you so much for this and every support given to us in both .material and finance . May the Lord bless you all and give you long life . We pray to God for continued assistance .The condition of the crop here is not good due to the worm attack and we expect poor harvest this year .We thank Bro Justin for allowing us to use his e-mail address .

Greetings to all brothers and sisters in all the churches there .
We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year .

We are on behalf of all congregations :
John Mutepe - Mberenga Church of Christ
Jails Wanyetha - Mafisi Church of Christ
Luscious Musipiwa - Makande Church of Christ
Luscious Danken - Khwethemule Church of Christ