Update from Winston

Dear Brethren,

I am fascinated to report to you that the Lord is still blessing His Church in Malawi and Mozambique. Personally I have visited several congregations a nd attended several meetings where I saw the multitude leaving denomination alism, baptised and being added to the Lords Church.

I have also received several reports of the good Lord blessing His Church from various Evangelists in various areas who have no access to email ,some have but they are very far from cafe. Encouraging reports are showing that unity and cooperation are bearing their fruits in His vine yard.

In all these meetings attended and reports received, it has been noted that there is a great need of raisins for the Lords supper which is one of the five items that need partaken every Sunday (some congregations are very far from shoprite and Peoples shops in Cities and can not afford to buy them), Bibles and song books.

We therefore appeal to you to assist us so that we help solve this problem.

We appreciate all the efforts you have been demonstrating in the Lords ministry to support His work. We are very sure that one day, not today or tomorrow, He is to reward you.

Brother in Christ