Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Dear brethren,

First and foremost we would like to thank you beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church in America due to assistance of funds you rendered to us for buying food due to drought situation which are still taking place in various area through brother Danny Abercrombie.
May the Lord be with you all.

Brethren I was out of my house last week for three days in order to visit the congregations and encourage them in the Lord’s words in various areas although we are still in difficult situation of hunger after seeing hunger deprive the work of God.

In all the areas I visited in these pas days, I have observed that most members are suffering with hunger and I saw with my own eyes that children are swelling due to lack of food in their bodies, and because of this there are few who are managing to go to school. Avery pathetic thing is that as we receiving reports about those who are suffering with hunger, other side we are also informed heavy windy rains have destructing houses as well as prayer houses. As am reporting some of the members concerned are having no were to sleep as well as to gather for prayers.

We therefore asking you brethren to at least help these brethren who have been affected with both hunger and heavy winds results that has brought out the roofs of their houses and prayer houses.

I would like to send the report for the activities we did at Matamba congregation (Phaloni) The report is as follows:-
People gathered 103
People confessed 15
People added to the Lord’s church 7

The brethren were very interesting and touched with the lessons taught from the following scriptures: Hebrew 10:25, 13:17, Timothy 5:17-20, Romans 10:8, 14-15, 17, James 3:5, 13 , 1st Corinthians 11:23, Mathews 26:26.

We also thank almighty savior God whom protected us in all the way.
Expect to receive photos. We will be overjoyed if you consider our requests as soon as you can.
On behalf of the congregations we remain to hear from you

Brother in Christ.
Joshua Mhango