Drought Situation

Crop Failure

Dear brethren,
It is another opportunity to let you know about the winter cropping, irrigation and drought. We appreciate our dear brethren for the good work you are doing in the Lord's ministry. You relieved our pains in may areas and its sad that from one problem we face another problem. I am sure that one day the Lord will take us away from these afflictions as he did with the children of Israel in the bondage by Egypitians. Some have thought that we are lazy people, its not true. Our plans are not God's plans. We cultivate big gardens hoping to have more yields and run away from food problems but you find floods, drought and heavy winds destroying our plans leaving us in food shortage, homeless just to mention a few.
We appreciate all the assistance you have been sending to us supporting garden projects. Last year some brethren did well especially those who are along Shire river, we rented and harvested. I personally did very well, and to me it was my blessings. This year things are different, those who did well are a few people who cultivated in places where water does not dry the whole year. It was a surprise. The water table has greatly gone down, there is high evaporation due to strong heat from the sun, there is power off day and night, electricity has become a major problem since water in the river is almost dry. There no drinking water in several places including hospitals and schools where they use tapped water system.
The Sugar Coporation of Malawi is the company that have all kinds of machines to pump water from the river to the fields, but come today and see you will weep to see sugar cane drying. You can set fire it can burn. Such large companies are failing due to drought what more about poor winston and Oscar and other fellow members of the Lord's church who always use simple tools and their energy in gardening!
I have sent pictures for the brethren doing field work in garden away from their homes with the little they harvested .Also are pictures of drying sugar cane at sugar plantation company in Malawi.
This indicates that food problem is still very high in Malawi.
Brother in Christ
winston mhango