Umzodi Congregation
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( This is not the congregation Bro.Mwathunga meets at BCA)

Patrick Cement from south Lunzu COC in Blantyre
Alex Mdyerenga from Chitimbe COC – Lilangwe Blantyre
Winston Mhango from Bereu COC in Chikwawa
Daud Sato from Mulambe COC in Chikwawa
Ofrey Ndalama from Mwanza coc ( Sugar plantation area) in Chikwawa
Aron Thole from Chilimba COC in Blantyre
Alex Daniel from Chilimba COC in Blantyre
Paul Mbereko from Taomboledwa COC Mpingwi in Blantyre
Robin Chigwenembe from Macheso COC in Blantyre
Harold Ntope from Chidyambawala COC in Mdeka -Blantyre
James Danger from Mgoza COC in Mdeka -Blantyre
John Lapukeni from Nambala coc in Zomba
Donex Smoke from Chitimbe COC ,Blantyre South
F.Masamba from Mtendere COC in Blantyre
Ndevuzamwayi from Thanthwe COC in Blantyre
Medson Mwambi from Kankhomba COC ,Bvumbwe in Thyolo.
Moses from Chisombezi COC in Blantyre
Blessings Mbewe from Chisombezi COC in Blantyre

I am very much pleased to report to you about the unforgettable meeting we had at Umodzi congregation where the late Bro.Edson Symon assembled.The meeting was also attended by the Group Village Chief Chipagala.
The purpose of the meeting was to lay a stone for the foundation of construction of the prayer house.The sons,daughters,wife of the late Symon Edson and all members Umodzi congregation told and confirm that the place belongs to the Church not to the family of Bro.Symon or any family but the Church.

I strongly advised all who attended the meeting that what belongs to the church belongs to the church.We don’t want to experience what happened to BCA church of Christ that is led by Bro.Mwathunga and other families in some places who when the prayer house is at a place that is in their name and if they work against the Bible principles they grap or chase people from the place claiming the building and church materials to be theirs.This must be discourage since they returd development and discourage those who support the Lord’s work.Let’s make sure before construction that the piece of land is in the name of the church not an individual or family.
I am very much pleased to see the sons of Symon Edson being active and dedicated in the Lord’s work.They should keep it up.We don’t want to experience the songs of Chilimba congregation.

As a member of the Lord’s church I can not stay idle when other people are doing things contrary to the Lord’s work.If you are in the Church of Christ and you have decided to quit for denominationalism,leave the prayer house and all materials that belong to the church and find yours where you will go.If the whole congregation has decided to leave,they must get out of the prayer house that belongs to the church of Christ,the building and materials will be used by the nearest congregation(church of christ).

It was encouraging at this meeting to hear from the Group Village Chief confirming to the gathering that the land at Umodzi COC is in the hands of the Church not to an individual.These words were similar to what the sons and family of the late Symon said.Every one appreciated this.

I was asked to speak from the Bible.The topic was LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANITY books read were : 1 John 4:12,20,John 15:12-14 and subtopic was WHAT CAN DESTROY LOVE ,James 3:5-6

On laying the stone for foundation of the prayer house books read were 1 Chronicles 22:1 and 1Kings 5:1-18.
Over 300 people gathered at the meeting.

The brethren at Umodzi Church of Christ are meeting in a shade made of thatching grass which is contrary to the rules and regulations of city assemblies in this country.They are appealing to you our dear brethren for funds for the construction of their prayer house.IF you have the interest to assist I will give you the details of their leaders so that you can send direct to them.

At this meeting several leaders talked of food problem, I mean those who were at the meeting.I know and recall there is one in Blantyre who wants me to get permission from him if I want to write of Blantyre.Remember that each congregation is independent and can write or use some one to write for them without getting permission from you or me.There is no one above the other in Blantyre.We are all simple servants.
I further appeal to you my dear brethren in Blantyre to cooperate and shame the devil.Take a good example of those brethren in Lilongwe.They cooperate and always work together.
If you don’t cooperate with others it means you have a problem and you need to completely change.We need to live by example. Don’t struggle for leadership but struggle for change so that we shall have eternal life.

I am sending pictures for the meeting.

Your brother in Christ,

Winston Mhango