Update October 9th

Msanjere Meeting
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Dear Brethren,
First would like to apologize for not sending updates in time. This is due to that we experience power problem in our country. My lap battery is now dead. There has also net work problem too.I know I have load of of updates but I will try to do the best that I can.

It is encouraging to report to you about the meeting we conducted at Masenjere congregation in East bank boundary of Chikwawa and Nsanje districts. It was a nice meeting. The following congregations were present:
Namilembe coc of Biton in Nsanje district.
Thangadzi coc
Chiwaya coc
Nkhweza coc
Mtemanga coc
Mathiya coc
Namanda coc of TA nsabwe of Thyolo district Chinyanje coc Milole coc Nkhathe coc

We were also blessed with six congregations from Mozambique.
Malondwe coc
Makhalukha coc
Khozole coc
Mdulamanja coc
Liazi 1 coc
Malimba coc

These brethren were led by Bro. Mbumba. They took three days cycling bicycles from Mozambique to Masenjere congregation. This is a very long distance. These brethren were once working with Bro. Bright and have have turned their back away saying that they dont see him being changing his unpleasing characters. This has forced them to meet brethren at Mathiya congregation who led them to the meeting to meet with us.
They have requested me to visit them for encouragement before it rains. They have also requested food assistance, Bibles and song books. They also need iron sheets for roofing their prayer houses. Its 17 years no prayer house has iron sheets there. They have problems when it rains. They seem to have been neglected.

It needs Mk150,000 to make it in Mozambique for fuel, transportation and accommodation.

Am sending pictures for the meeting conducted. Receive greetings from the brethren here.

winston mhango