Phalombe, Zomba, and Machinga District Visits

Zomba District

Dear Brethren,

I would like to let you know that we had the trip a way to Phalombe Zomba and Machinga district along distance where we hold the church meetings in order to encourage the Lord’s work. The meeting was started at Goliyati congregation at Sombani (Phalombe district where every congregation, two leaders were invited to attend the meeting. The leaders from thirty-seven congregation at Mozambique were gathered, some were travelled for two days to reach Malawi by using Bicycles as well as motor cycles. Leaders from seventeen congregations surrounding Sombani(Phaloni) Malawi were also gathered.

The report are as follows:


30th August, 2016

People gathered : 61

People confensed : 7

31st August, 2016

People gathered : 108

People confessed : 13

On 1st September, 2016 we proceeded to Nazombe congregation at zomba district along Lake Chirwa where we started the meeting at the same day, we had two days meeting so that the report are as follows:


1st August, 2016

People gathered : 90

People confessed : 4

2nd August, 2016

People gathered : 110

People confessed : 17

On 2nd August, 2016 afternoon we proceeded at Machinga district where we rest at Msanama trading centre and found good place to sleep while next day Saturday early in the morning we proceeded to Mikonga a place where we hold the meeting near the National Park.

The report is as follows:


03rd August, 2016

People gathered : 82

People confessed : 6

04th August, 2016

People gathered : 136

People confessed : 9

Bro. Izeck Jack, Fraction Patrick and I we would like to thank the almighty seviour God who protected us in all the way. We had six days. We also send thanks to the members of the congregation in the Lord’s church in America to donate funds for buying a double Cubin vehicle which is doing a recommendable job in the Lord’s ministry. We also sending thanks due to assistance funds you rendered through bro. Danny Abercrombie concerning hunger as well as bibles, may the Lord bless you all.

The following were some of the lessons tough:

1. REPORT and importance of the report


- Prayer (Acts 2: 42)

- Singing (Corinthians 3:16/Ephesians 5:19)

- Preaching/teaching (Acts 2:42, but not women 1Timothy 2:12/1corinthians 16:2)

- Giving (1Corithians 16:2)

- Lord is supper (Corinthians 11:26, Acts 20:7)


- What is leader ship?

- Who is a leader?

- Qualification of a leader

- Duties and roles of a leader

- Characteristics of people

The brethren were very interested with the lessons.

Another threatening things, most of the areas where I visited there is a problem of hunger so that there is a need of funds for buying food, I am sending the request from the brethren to those whom can manage to assist the needy in the Lord’s church in America. I am also ask you brethren to assisting me funds for transportation accommodation the other needy for the trip away to Mozambique where we are going to hold the church meeting two weeks coming of this month end. I remain to hear from you.

May the Lord be with you all.\

Brother in Christ,

Joshua Mhango.