Bro Winston Mhango Report on Mission Trip

Dear Brethren,

It is good and exhorting that I finish reporting on the trip Brethren Dan, Tony and Ron had in July 2016.I am sorry for the delay in updating you the second part. This happened because the Ministry of Education where I am working as a Teacher asked me to attend the National Reading Programme it has introduced, this was done daily from 8:00 am to 4:00pm.I had to leave earlier from home to the Teachers Development Centre where trainings were conducted, so I was almost tired every day. I had a break on Saturdays and Sundays and had to use these two days for garden activities and church work respectively. I had also to plan the work for five subjects for the whole term (first school session ) for a week so you could see that there was no enough time for me left.

Several brethren ( in Malawi and Mozambique) you have sent your requests to be forwarded to brethren Dan and Tony for prayer houses, Bibles, iron sheets and constructions, food aid just to mention a few I am sorry that I have not submitted them due to limited time I had but I am still keeping them and I will send by this week. On the other hand I would like to help you who have no knowledge and access to internate that one day we organize a meeting in Limbe / Blantyre to help each other to open an email address and have access to information, this will help you to send your updates yourself for your area.
This will assist me not to be another Bro. Bright. I hope you understand what I mean.

In the last update I reported to you that Bro. Tony left Malawi on Tuesday,20th July,2016,brethren Dan and Ron continued visiting several congregations and brethren in various districts in Malawi
,teaching the word of God. They did a great job. Several confessed for the wrong they did and asked to God for forgiveness. Others were ready for baptism and added to the Lords Church. What a great work was it!!
At one time brethren Dan, Ron and myself had health problems respectively that could hinder the work to be carried out but the Lord rescued us and shamed the devil and we manage to finish what we planned to do.

On 21st July 2016,we went to Gawani congregation in Mulanje District, boundary between Malawi and Mozambique, we were together with brother Wallace Komwa. This is the area where brethren Wallace and Mukoro work. we had brethren from Mozambique in the meeting. Every one was very happy with this visit and the teaching conducted there, from there we had to take a night at Hapuana Village Lodge in Mulanje at the foot of Mulanje Mountain.
The next morning , 22nd July,2016,we left for Chiradzulu District at Muonekera congregation where Bro. Hendreson Chipojola Mgaiwa works, after the service we had a second meeting at Magomero congregation the area where Bro. Namvuwo works. Bro. Dan did the teaching, we had a very good number of people who gathered there. On the way it was noted that Bro. Dan lost his camera.
From there we headed to Zomba district where we took our supper at the top of the mountain at KuChawe Hotel and took a night at Casa Rasa Lodge. Almost all Lodges were full this day.
On 23rd July,2016,we went to Mgunda congregation the area where Bro. James Pachanya. We had a very big number of who attended the meeting from various areas in Malawi as well as Mozambique. We were accompanied by Bro. John Lapukeni of Nambala congregation. We had also Bro Ptrick Namalawa from Sagawa congregation. It was encouraging to see unity cooperation continuing bearing its fruits among the brethren of various congregations.
As we were heading to Masongola congregation, we received a call from Bro. Pachanya that they have found a camera, this was the second camera of brother Dan, this time we covered a long distance but we could not proceed but to return back and pick the camera. Idecided to keep this camera for Bro. Dan as it was the only one remained after the one missed. We took a night at Masongola hotel. The following day, Sunday,24th July,2016,we assembled with the brethren at Nambala congregation in Zomba. We had to meet outside as the prayer house was under extension (construction).Every one enjoyed the teaching Bro. Dan taught. After the service we had a meeting with leaders from various congregations whereby we discussed some important issues in the Lords ministry. I saw several people appreciating the teaching, cooperation that is currently among us, and the assistance brethren in America are sending in supporting the Lords work in Malawi and Mozambique. We then went back to Masongola Hotel where we had a night. We took supper at Steer Restaurant. The next morning,25th July,2016, we headed to Chilanga congregation in Zomba, the area where Bro. Joshua works. Brethren from various congregations gathered, Bro. Dan taught and after the meeting we went back to Hotel Masongola where we took a night. Because of limited time, on Tuesday,26th July,2016,we had two meetings at Mayaka and Dzaone respectively. Mayaka is the area where Bro. Kanjoka works ,Dzaone is where Bro. Bula works. At Dzaone people had to wait for us to a long distance singing songs of happiness to welcome us. They were overjoyed to see brethren from America visiting them after two or three decades. They were happy and astonished to see brethren Dan and Ron entering their poor prayer house which seemed to be dangerous to the lives of people as the roof was not in good condition. The building was full of people at Dzaone and some people were looking and listening through the windows.
I appreciate Bro. Dan and Ron for considering them with funds for reroofing of the building.
We went back to Hotel Masongola.

We left Zomba for Phalombe District. On 27th July,2016,We met brethren Kokole and Oscar at Migowi and took them to Haziwelo congregation in Phalombe where brother Maloya Chisoni works. It was a dusty road. The multitude were very happy to see us there, songs were sung praising the Lord. Both brethren Dan and Ron taught. We had brethren from Mozambique there. After the meeting we rushed to Sagawa congregation at Milepa in Mulanje District where brethren James and Patrck Namalawa assemble. Bro. Dan taught. We had also brethren from Mozambique. Then we went back to Hapuana Village Lodge for a rest.

On 28 and 29thth July were days for preparation for departure for brethren Dan and Ron, we were in Blantyre where Ron bought treadle pumps and gasoline pump. And finally 30th July 2016,brethren Dan and Ron departed for United States of America.

The Lord should be honored for the good work these two brethren did in this country. Many have received the word of God and corrected their mistakes, others are now baptized and added to the Lords church.

In all these areas there were several things people requested for. Some of these were Bibles, song books, iron sheets and construction of prayer houses, and food aid. Food problem was and is found every where. I must thank you brethren for supporting this trip, may the Lord bless you all.
All the brethren here are sending a thank you for the assistance of prayer house construction, food, bibles just to mention a few.
They further said that they are not lazy people as some may think but climate change is the one that is crippling us , pray for us so that one day we should be out of these bondages of floods and drought and this shall be a past song. Remember us in your prayers. Greetings to you all.

Thank you very much for paying attention in reading this email.I will be sending pictures for the meetings,
Brother in Christ,

Winston Mhango