Chilanga Congregation

Chilanga Congregation

Dear Brethren,
I would like to send the pictures for the church meeting which have been held at Chilanga congregation where by nine congregations were gathered at Zomba district. Brother Danny was one who took part to teach. It was on 25th July 2016. The brethren were very very happy to hear the words of God. It will be an forgettable service and super. 520 people were gathered. The Lord's work is still growing although they are in drought situation. During that time brother Danny Abercrombie and Ron Sclocum has done a tremendous work in the Lord's ministry.

(Please note that Bro. Tony Whiddon had departed on the 20th and had brought many wonderful lesions at several congregations. Danny)

May the Lord be with you all.

Brother in Christ.

Joshua Mhango