August Reports - Mikoko and Phalombe

Phalombe Field Work

Mikoko Congregation

Dear Brethren,

This is to let you know that, I had the trip to Phalombe district where we hold the church meeting at Mikoko congregation in order to encourage the Lord’s work although there are real drought situation in various areas whereby more brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church have no food. Although we are travelling in difficult time the Lord’s work is still expanding in so many areas as well as Malawi and Mozambique. The report is as follows,

People gathered 120

People confessed 16

People added to the Lord’s church from the church of denominationalism those expect to be baptized are 10.

I also visited the field work for the brethren whom are working hard in the field along Sombani River where there is a shortage of water but they are using to dig the wells. There was also the distribution of treadle pumps and bibles in various areas. The members of the congregations are sending thanks to you brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church due to assistance funds you rendered to buy treadle pumps and bibles so that may the Lord bless you all. Brethren there are problem of food shortage so that, we are requesting you to assist funds for buying food as soon as you can.

We remain to hear from you soon.

Brother in Christ,

Joshua Mhango.