Hunger Situation Report Aug 5-6 Bro Josh and Winston Mhango

Dear Brethren

We would like to thank the brethren from America Danny Abercrombie, Ron Slocum and Tony Whiddon for their trip to visit us here in Malawi in order to encourage the Lord’s ministry in various areas. It will be unforgettable trip to them and us. They have done a super work in the Lord’s ministry so that we enjoyed their lessons and teachings. The brethren here were very much interested for their subjects they taught. We know some of you brothers and sisters, you have sent the funds through them, for the building of the prayer houses, Iron sheets, Bibles, Songs, Land for the prayer houses and treadle pumps as well as water pumps. We received the funds from both of them so that we would like to thank beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church whom you removed the funds from your pockets the Lord’s work, we have no rewards to give you but only God will do. May the Lord bless you all.


I would like to send an update request concerning funds for buying food from the members of the congregations in various areas here in Malawi and Mozambique. There is still drought situation so that some are taking two days without eating food. I will be happy if you consider it as soon as possible. I remain to hear from you.

Bro. in Christ

Joshua Mhango

Dear Brethren,
It is good that I report to you on hunger situation in Malawi and Mozambique.In the first place we thought that things will be good or better as we were approaching to harvesting period but surprisingly due to in adequate and unreliable rainfall,it was noted and is noted that food crisis has deepen its roots in these two countries.I travelled and visited all regions of Malawi and visited several districts with brethren Dan,Ron and Tony.It was realized that food problem has become a song in all districts in Malawi since people did not harvest and in other places although they harvested they can not get up to December as some suggested.

It was also reported by the brethren from Mozambique in the meetings we conducted recently with brethren Tony,Dan and Ron that they experience food shortage too.

In short in all areas of Brethren Winston,Kokole,Joshua,Namalawa,Chisoni,Makhera,Komwa,Danger,Oscar,Mukoro,John Lapuken,Justin,Pachanya,Rekarado ,Sugar just to mention a few,all people in these areas need food assistance.

It is not our intention that time and again you assist us on food problem but I am sure it is the plans of the devil that want us to turn back our back from God but this can not happen to us.The Lord is to shame him.People are hard working but the weather is pulling us back.We hope and pray that one day,we will be out of this bondage and enjoy normal life in this sinful world but if it fails then we will have peace in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I therefore appeal to you all our dear brethren to help with funds so that we can buy food and distribute to the needy and those afflicted by drought outcome.

May the Lord of Love bless you all.Pray for us so that one day we shall found out of this problem.We pray for you for the good work you are doing that has promoted the spread of His Word.

Christian love and greetings.

Winston Mhango