Report of Mission Trip

I am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with a very successful trip and return. Bro. Ron Slocum, bro. Tony Whiddon and I left Atlanta on June 29th for Malawi Africa. Bro. Tony stayed until July 20th and Ron and I stay on until July 30th. The 24 meetings among the various congregations from up in the North at Chitipa and down to the South at Chikwawa were very successful. There was great response to the teaching we did. There were 26 who came forward to be baptized and many, many making confessions of sin and requesting prayers. Many other requested prayers for sickness. The unity among the congregations is better now than it has been in years. It is sad to say that there was someone among us who was not honest and was causing problems among the congregations. His name is Brother Bright Chatimba. I, brother Harry and others have worked with bro. Bright for many years and he is a great translator. In January of this year, brother Ron Scott and I went over to confront him with what we had discovered. He then confessed that he had sinned and ask forgiveness. He was given funds to distribute among the brethren again and he did not do what he was supposed to do. He was confronted on this past trip with the sins he had committed and he confessed his wrong again. We have forgiven him but it will take a long time to trust him again. We have investigated the problem with many, many individuals and also congregations and we feel that he is not to be trusted. He needs to prove his faithfulness. It is advised that no funds should be entrusted to him for any reason. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact me and I will try to answer any questions you may have.
There is a very serious problem in Malawi. We had thought that things were improving but we find out it is getting worse. That is the hunger problem. Everywhere we visited we saw the drought first hand. Everything was bone dry and crops have failed. Many at present are hungry and their cry was great. We have done what we could with the funds available. Those on the river where they can irrigate are doing fairly well. The problem is there is not enough land along the rivers for our brethren to grow crops.. I have included some links that speak of the drought. You can see the seriousness of the problem that exist. We in America throw away enough food to feed many that are starving. We can do what we can and pray the Lord will take care of those we can’t. I know he will. If you want to help, please send funds to the address below. We will distribute to the faithful brethren who will distribute to the most needy. Please keep them in your prayers.

Danny Abercrombie