Joshua Mhango Update

Visiting the Sick

Dear brethren,

On behalf of all the congregations here in Malawi and Mozambique, am thanking you all for your assistance of funds that you have been assisting mainly in terms of hunger that has hit heavily in Africa starting from 2013 till this year 2016 due to insufficient of rains that is resulting from climate change that Africa is currently experiencing. So upon seeing all the good things being done by you the brethren we need to thank you as well as praising the most high who
always give you potential to do that when need arises. Let me clarify you brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church on the climate change that we are experiencing, it is bringing threat of hunger in most countries in particular Malawi and Mozambique. Sometimes we expect to have enough food by this time if the rains did well but it seems by July most families in several areas are to start suffering with hunger because currently people are still queuing in admarc markets to buy maize and other are sleeping in these admarc markets expecting to buy when the maize comes but to no avail. What is happening in these markets is really very strange as to my life because in all these times people were using their own food by this time not rushing to admarc searching for maize. We start buying maize in admarc at least in October going up but this time not, this is really giving a threat that if we are struggling to buy maize light know yet others are still using their own food that have harvested so what will happen when all are to meet in these markets all together, will we survive?
Though we are much looking upon the hunger that hitting due to climate change problems, we need not get tired looking also on renovations of prayer houses. There is a need to build prayers in various places but we need also to look into the problem that we have passed through mainly by considering that the prayer houses should be planted on separate place, a place that is belonging to anybody to avoid conflicts in the future. So there is need to have iron-sheet, cement, timbers, nails as well as procuring places to build prayer houses, all of these are in the great need of all the leaders like myself, brother Kokole,Minjolo Makera, Chilola, kulinga, Winston, Danger, Komwa, Maloya chisoni, Lapukeni, Joshua and all that. On behalf of these leaders am requesting funds for sorting all these if funds available. As we know that by July Danny Abercrombie, Ron Slocum and Tony Whiddon will be coming to Africa, we are appealing to you
brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church there in America to assist the team coming to Africa with funds so that when coming here will be able to assist here and there not forgetting Bibles and hymns as I have already stated above.

On behalf of the congregations,
May the Lord be with you all.
Brothers in Christ.
Joshua Mhango