Goliytati Construction

Goliyati Construction

Dear Brethren.

We are very delighted to have an opportunity of sending an email to you through brother Joshua Mhango who is always most of the time visiting and encouraging us in the Lord’s works here at Phalombe in the various areas.
Our main aim of sending an email is due to send thanks to the member of the Lord’s church in America whom assisted the funds for building the prayer house know as Goliyati congregation so that may the Lord bless you all. We also send thanks to brother Joshua who has done tremendous to take party concerning about the prayer house to enter in his pocket to give us additional funds in order to finish up our prayer house .It would be very difficult to finish it because the cost price of materials are very high and expensive. Brother Joshua was also busy of monitoring the work which has done in order to take few days of finishing. Our suggestion funds we requested were Mk400, 000 {four hundred thousand kwacha} But the prayer house have been cost amount of MK679, 300. The additional funds were given by Brother Joshua so that we praise our Lord.

Lastly may the Lord be with you all. We also ask the Lord in order to assist Brother Joshua to get well soon.

Brothers in Christ;

Fred Chimwele

Layison Thomiha

Frank Lazaro