Flour Distribution February 29th

Flour Distribution

Dear Brethren,

It is fascinating to appreciate you for the benovelent you are doing among the brethren here in Africa. You demonstrated total love among us, you did not leave us alone in all the afflictions we are undergoing. Your hearts and characters have refreshed our broken hearts. Because today we are in floods and tomorrow in drought. All our efforts are becoming useless due to these afflictions.

Thank you very much for funds for procurement of food. We bought flour at Shoprite in Blantyre and distributed to the brethren. Food problem is becoming more each and everyday since it is not promising. Please continue to assist the afflicted, I am sure the Lord is to reward you.
Thank you bro. Dan and Ron for your recent trip and this helped for you to see yourself the situation here in Malawi.

Lord bless you all.

winston Mhango