Food Problem Feb 26th

Hunger Issues

Dear brethren,

It hurts me to receive emails such as the one of these below. It hurts me to know that someone is starving and especially the members of the Lord’s church. I know we can’t solve the world’s problems. I do know according to God’s Holy Word we are to do what we can. It is up to each to decide what they should do to help. Many of you have helped and helped over and over. It is very much appreciated by many who otherwise might have died. There are those now still that will die if they don’t receive help. The rains have started in some areas but not in others. There are several faithful brethren who are ready to receive and distribute funds to those most in need to buy maze. The price for a 50Kg bag of maze is approximately $ 30.00 US. This would feed a family of 8 approximately a week and one half. On behalf of those in Malawi and Mozambique, thank you for your past support.

Yours in Christ,

Below two emails from brethren in Malawi

Dear Brother Danny,

I am very sorry indeed to see the members of the congregations eating the bush fruits using as food (Nsima) while those things are being eaten by the birds so that due to the situation of hunger, people are eating bush fruits as Nsima (food). Which cause them to got diarhoeria. When I was passing from the church meeting at Mikoko congregation, I found the members, kids and women were fetching it my tears came out and I had little funds in my pocket which I could assisting me on my way but I gave them.

Am asking you to send on updates request concerning hunger to the brethren so that we may assist them as soon as possible.
There is need of funds for buying food for the needy. The cost price of maize per each Kg is MK300 while 50Kg each bag costing MK15,000 it’s a sadness story in the year of 2016. I have been travelling a long way and see the situation of crops but am telling you that everything is bad due to hot.

Receive the pictures for more updates will come. I remain to hear from you soon.

Brother in Christ,

Joshua Mhango


My dear American brethren,

Perhaps not aday passes but our thoughts are of you fellow brethren who continue supporting the progress of the Lord's work around the world at the same time assisting christian friends in one way or good it is to hve your treasured friendship in the noble cause of our Master we sincerely save.
We thankfully and continuously received funds for the purchase of food for distribution among the needy ever since we experienced floods and drought in our country. it is so encouraging to learn of the widespread feeling of optimism of many brethren such as you taking an important role in helping us be vital part of the noble cause we. Mutually save.
Because of the Lord`s blessings and indeed the everpresent touch of the Masters hand for which we are most grateful,it is very pleasing to know of the love of other brethren of like faith and concern from across our nation.
So very many of you have kindly and encouragingly supported drought and flood victims in malawi.
We are also very grateful to you being of great assistance and so faithfully concerned about the welfare of us.
Despite numerous needs for food,clothing,shelter and others that fall on you and the limited resources we are so grateful that you are thankfully able to assist us with that little, the Lord provides.
We appriciate the opportunity of the church and individuals there,as long as the Lord continues to provide,to continue supporting us.Thank you so much for the constant financial assistance always extended.
May the good Lord continue blessing you.

Much love from
Justin Kulinga