Food Distribution and Goliat Visit February 8th

Food Distribution

Goliat Congregation

Dear Brethren,
This is to let you know that we had the church meeting at Goliati congregation at Phalombe district. The report are as follows :-
v People gathered – 156
v People confessed – 12
Trip for Brother Danny Abercrombie and Ron Scott here at Malawi. We are still very happy due to the trip of Brother Danny and Ron Scott to visit us here in Malawi. They have been assisting us to solve problems faced by the congregations and also seen on their eyes the situation of hunger. They also assisted the funds for hunger to the other leaders in order to distribute to the needy to buy food. We are sending thanks to you brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church due to the assistance of funds you sent through brother Danny and Ron Scott concerning hunger. May the Lord bless you all. We would like to inform you that there still needs of funds for buying food and seeds so that we are still requesting funds for buying food and seed, so that if there is anybody whom can afford to assist it, please do as you can.
You will hear more from Danny Abercrombie and Ron Scott. We remain to hear from you soon.
Lord’s servant
Joshua Mhango