January Mission Trip as Reported by the Brethren in Malawi

Bereu Meeting

Bereu and Nsanjama Meetings

Dear brethren,

I would like to let you know the church meeting held at Bereu congregations on 24th january 2016 where by brother Danny Abercrombie and Ron Scott joined us. It was a supper meeting due to the large numbers of people who were gathered in order to hear and be touched with the word of God being preaching by brother Danny. The out standing preaching of brother Danny will never bu unforgetable with the gathered members of the congregations. He was encouraging us to stand on our effort in the Lord's work although we are in the difficult times due to hunger crisis and we know that God will never forsaken us. We would like to ask you brethren to continue coming here to ask you brethren to continue coming here in Africa (Malawi) in order to teach the words of God. The report are as follows:-

people gathered=3350
people confessed = 29.

May the Lord be with you all

Lord’s Servant
Joshua Mhango

Meeting at Bereu Congregation
February 11, 2016

Dear Brethren,
It was on 23rd January 2016 the plane in which Bro. Dan and Ron were, landed at Chileka International Airport. Bro. Joshua and I ,we were there welcoming these brethren. Yes it was a good day. The following day on sunday,24th January we had a meeting at Bereu congregation, there were multitudes. The prayer house became very small that led the service to be done out side the building under trees. It was very hot. Bro. Dan taught about tribulation and temptations. These were encouraging teachings since brethren in our area have been in natural disasters for a number of years. Every one enjoyed the lessons and teachings.

3350 people gathered. Thank you Bro. Dan and Ron for the good work you did on this day, every one remembers you. I must also thank you all the brethren for the help in this trip. May the Lord bless you all.

winston mhango