Malawi Update January 12, 2016

Bereu Congregation January 10th
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Food Distribution
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Below are two emails along with pictures from Brother Joshua Mhango in Malawi

Dear Brethren,
This is to let you know that brother Watson Nambazo is critical ill. He is addmitted at Nambazo Clinic . Brother Watson is an evangelist and a hardworker for that matter in the Lord's work. He is working hand in hand with sorrounding Malawi and Mozambique so that, I am asking you brethren to asssist him with funds so that we can take him to the Holy Private Hospital where he can receive real treatment and we should put him in prayers as well for God's intervention to take action.
We remain to hear from you soon.
Lord's servant.
Joshua Mhango


Dear brethren,
I would like to send an updates activities which was done on 10th January, 2016 that was Sunday at Bereu congregations. The report are as follows:-
People gathered-311
people confessed 29
We enjoyed the service from Brother Kong'a who taught during this Sunday service while brother Myaika Banda took part during the Lord supper. The Lord should be appreciated. We are asking to you all brothers and sisters to put us in prayers so that God give us rains. There is still no rains currently.
May the Lord be with you all. See the attached photos that were taken during the Sunday service of 10th January, 2016.
Brother in Christ,
Joshua Mhango.

Winston's Update on Trip North
January 12, 2016
Dear brethren,
I am now back from Karonga district in the Northern region of Malawi It was a great trip that I had in my life.It was a trip that encouraged my leadership and brought all the strength together to see if I will be able to overcome some obstacles. I travelled long distances walking and cycling a bicycle, from morning sometimes to evening as some places were impassable. I recall as we were walking to get a truck for hire from Humbo, on the way ,we found the river full and made us unable to cross till 1hour 30min,Bro Ndovie for being tall was the only one who crossed but after struggles. I had to prove how people are suffering with food problem. My first meeting was at Nyungwe congregation but I met people who were hungry, after teaching we went straight to the market to buy maize for food.
The little we have and give it to those who don’t have, they greatly appreciate and thank the Lord.In some places I saw and hear singing and dancing appreciating the assistance,my hair stood straight, swaying, my eyes with tears of joy and happiness praising you my dear brethren for the good work that is bringing people out of the bondage of food problem.Every one appreciated.

I was impressed to sleep in the houses of my dear brethren for a purpose, but had I known I could not do that but it was to be fulfilled. Night came, the weather changed, it rained heavily, the house was leaking and leaking, yes leaking. I folded my mat and beddings, stood at the corner only protecting my bible, song book, camera and laptop. I remained silent till morning and revealed to my uncle what had happened in my room, yes such is life.

We distributed funds to Mabarani, Humbo and Kasangamara to buy food.Food has grealy increased its price.

The sad situation was at Thunduti congregation where I found that Bro. Mavuto Mukuwayira Gondwe made himself as leader of the Church yet he has two wives, they were also working with denominationalism, the prayer house was built at their land and church has no control of it.It was a family one, they had to do what they want without fear of the Bible principles. we resolved that the church should find an independent place for construction of a prayer house since we discovered that it was not Church of Christ .The family is greatly displeased with the move but the village chief and other members appreciated the idea.

Every one is greating and thanking you brethren for the good work you are doing in the Lords ministry,

Brother in Christ,

winston mhango