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Msema Congregation
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Dear Brethren,
I would like to let you know that we had the church meeting at Sombani congregation in Phalombe dated 13th September 2015. We also visited Mchenga congregation, Msema congregation and Mikoko congregation on 12th September. All the trips were so in order to encourage the Lord’s work. Brthren I would like to assure you that the Lord’s ministry is expanding rapidly and going on well although mos of the areas there are drought(hunger) sstuation. As I am sending this email, I am very delighted due to the activivities done at Sombani congregation where by 10 congregations were gathered. It was indeed a fruitful trip and unforgetable work due to the large numbers of people gathered there to hear the subjects about (Baptizing, Rebaptizing and lord’s super. Most of the people accepted to rebaptizing and baptizing.
The report are as follows:
People gathered 1,650
People confessed 20
People baptized and rebaptized 63
The brethren are sending thanks due to your assistance of funds you rendered to buy food due to hunger crisis.
There are still needs of funds for buying food, because the funds we are receiving can not afford to assist all the familes of the congregations so that after the meeting more of the congregations were requesting food assistance.
I also thank brother Danny for the funds he sent through me during the time, I was going to the church meeting because it has assisted some other members of the congregations and food for the meeting, may the Lord bless you too keep it up.
Another threatening things, I would like to inform you that next week I will have the trip away to Mozambique where by we are going to hold three church camp meetings in different areas, my trip will take almost ten days so that, I am requesting the funds from you brethren concerning transportation accommodation and other items. I also thank brother Kokole who came to join us at the meeting. Lastly receive pictures about the meeting. I remain to hear from you.

Brother in Christ.
Joshua Mhango.