October Mexico Mission Report

Sierra Vista, Arizona, November 6, 2015

Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for October, 2015.

October 9 began our evangelistic trip into northern Mexico. I first picked up brother Cesar at his house in Nogales and we drove to the city of Caborca and met with Bro. Carlos Lopez. I have included a picture of brother Cesar and brother Carlos. There has been a church in Caborca for many years but I have not had much contact with them. There appear to be a few differences between us. We only had a short visit with brother Carlos and hope to meet with him again in the future.

From Caborca we travelled to the city of San Luis Rio Colorado. We stayed the next three nights in the small apartment of brother Victor and sister Karina in SLRC. You may recall that I baptized brother Victor and sister Karina a couple of years ago when they lived in Obregon and last year I helped them move to SLRC when Victor’s job placed him there. Being by themselves, they need lots of encouragement and teaching. We had numerous Bible studies and singing practice with them. I have included a picture of one of our studies in their kitchen/living room.

Brother Victor has lots of family in the city of Mexicali in the state of Baja California, only 45 miles further west. Two days we made trips to Mexicali and had Bible studies with family members. There appeared to be good interest (see photo). On Sunday we had our assembly in Mexicali.

Just a note about northern Mexico. Although the people may be relatively poor, the cities are modern. The population of metropolitan Mexicali is close to a million while San Luis and Nogales are approximately two hundred thousand each and Caborca is approximately eighty thousand. Most people drive cars or take buses or walk. There are lots of American branded stores such as McDonalds, Burger King, Walmart, and Auto Zone. There are numerous modern convenience stores like 7/11. Grocery stores there are very much like American grocery stores with a huge variety of groceries to include canned or packaged goods and fresh vegetables and fruit. Most people drink purified water or bottled sodas. The highways are generally good; some are divided highways and one can go as fast as 70 mph. There are government checkpoints and some of the highways are toll roads. With brother Cesar riding with me and God’s presence, I feel safe.
I previously reported about brother Jesus Alonso from Agua Prieta. He had been incarcerated in the United States when he crossed the border in a car given him by his employer; drugs were found in the car. Brother Alonso reports that he is able to preach to the people in prison and some have promised to attend church with him when they are released. His sentence was until December, but he is hoping to be released early. His congregation in Agua Prieta reported a baptism this past month.
Beginning November 10th, God willing, brother Cesar and I will visit the churches in the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Yucatan.
Following are the expenses for October. Travel expenses were $420. Prepaid travel expenses for November were $880. Support of Mexican evangelists was $650. Benevolence provided was $477.
Pray for the success of the work in Mexico. Especially pray for brother Alonso in his detention in the United States. Contributions for the expenses are welcomed.

In His service
Brother Ed Anderson