September 2015- Mexico Mission Reports


Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for September, 2015.
Sister Virginia, brother Eiland and I had a good fellowship with the church in Nogales in the middle of the month. We had a Bible study and sang some hymns. The steps down to the church building in Nogales are very steep and narrow. We all thought that a handrail was needed for safety. Money was given the brethren to provide a handrail. The attached photo shows the back of the assembly building with the two new coolers and the steps going down to the building without any handrail.
Although there were no evangelistic trips in September, brother Cesar keeps in touch with the brethren in Sinaloa and Yucatan via telephone – answering questions and providing encouragement.
Last month I reported about brother Jesus Alonso from Agua Prieta. He had been incarcerated in the United States when he crossed the border in a car given him by his employer; drugs were found in the car. Brother Alonso is still incarcerated but he has been moved from Arizona to New Mexico. He will likely be freed sometime in December. The church in Agua Prieta is really missing brother Alonso.
In October, brother Cesar and I plan to visit the Mexican cities of San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexicali. In San Luis there is a family in the church: brother Victor and sister Karina, and their young son, Manuel. Brother Victor is trying to convert his family in Mexicali, which is in the state of Baja California while San Luis is in the state of Sonora. Even though the two cities are only 47 miles apart, Brother Victor’s old car was only licensed for travel in Sonora; money was given him to re-license his car so he could travel to Mexicali and work with his family there.
In November, God willing, brother Cesar and I will visit the churches in the states of Sinaloa and Yucatan.
Following are the expenses for September. Travel expenses were only $18. Support of Mexican evangelist was $650. Other evangelistic expenses were $405. Benevolence provided was $215.
Pray for the success of the work in Mexico. Especially pray for brother Alonso in his detention in the United States. Contributions for the expenses are welcomed.

In His service
Brother Ed Anderson