June-July, 2015 Philippine Evangelism and Work Report

The typhoon season has started in the Philippine Islands. That’s good, since it brings the summer rains. But, with the rain comes high winds that can be destructive forces similar to our hurricanes. Already one ferry ship has been sunk due to high waves. The typhoon Egay recently did a lot of damage there.

La Union, Luzon: Bro. Rodel Baagin continues his work in the central part of Luzon. Seven of the families in the church were the first to have notable damage from Typhoon Egay earlier this month. Power, homes, and crops were destroyed by the high winds and rains. Financial assistance was sent.

Masinloc, Luzon: Bro. Joel Ebalan is teaching and having home studies in the southwestern part of Luzon. Funds were sent for more plastic chairs for their assembly place. In the middle of July, flash floods hit the area and their part of town experienced flooding within an hour. Currently they do not have fresh water and Bro. Ed sent $700 immediately for food and water. The church building was flooded and suffered damage from a falling tree, but the song books were saved. More help may be needed in this area soon. Below is a picture Bro. Joel sent us of their church building with flood waters.

Islands of Panay, Negros, and Masbate: Bro. Chris and Sister Premie Amihay had a fruitful and safe evangelism trip to Masbate. This is a small island north of their home island of Panay and requires a 6 hour motorboat ride to get there. Bro. Chris addressed several subjects that the local congregation requested. The church there is small but Bro. Erol is a key and strong member there. He is a tricycle taxi driver. In recent weeks, typhoon Egay hit the Island of Negros and damaged the crops. Funds were sent for food for 29 families in the mountain churches. The brothers there are concerned if they will be able to harvest much of the corn crop in the coming months.

Island of Palawan: Our faithful brothers on this island continue to face the threat of Muslins rebels. The government is facing some decisions on how to deal or work with the different radical groups. Let’s pray for all the evangelism works in the Philippines, especially those members that face oppression from opposing religious beliefs. Several of the elderly members in Palawan are battling illness. Sister Brennie Agbisit has been ill and went to Manila to see some specialists. She and her father, Fred Agbisit need our prayers for healing. The meeting place where Bro. Fred is a key member is too small and they are looking for a larger space to rent at a reasonable fee. We would like to send some of the evangelists from Luzon to Palawan to teach and encourage the younger members of the congregations.

The expenditures for June were: Support for evangelists $2686, evangelists travel to Masbate and Mindoro $710, repairs to assembly buildings and chairs $1945, evangelism expenses $867,Food, utilities, and medical needs $2542. From personal contributions: Funds for help with education, vocational, and personal needs $3580.

Again, we recognize and appreciate all the brethren and congregations that continue to contribute to the work in the Philippines. The next couple of months is their typhoon season and we expect more food and roof/building repair requests. Your help for these items will be sent to Philippines as needs arise.

Duane Cogburn, Albuquerque, NM and Ed Anderson, Sierra Vista, AZ