Karonga Update

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Dear Brethren,
I would like to let you know that we had a trip to Karonga district whereby we had a church meeting at newly congregation known as Nyungwe congregation led by Brother Winston Kaulanda Mhango. The brethren surrounding Humbo congregations were also gathered. The members from the church of denominationalism were very happy to learn the topics concerning:_
1. Confense
2. Conflicts
3. Lord’s super
4. Divorce and remarriage
5. Re-baptized
They were asked more questions concerning the Lord’s church known as church of Christ; they asked why the church of Christ is different? After answering them, they accepted to join the Lord’s church, they were more members who have desired to be re-baptizing and baptizing due to shortage of water we failed to do so. The rivers have been dried. The report are as follows:-
Nyungwe church of Christ 29th May 2015
People gathered : 47
People confessed : 12

30th May, 2015
People gathered : 66
People confessed : 21

31st May, 2015
People gathered : 103
People confessed : 33
Chikwawa to Karonga is a very long distance so that I would like to thank almighty savior God who protected us all the way up to here.
1. They are requesting two bicycles concerning the leaders for easy communication to visit/encourage the Lord’s work, Bibles and Hymns (songs) are also needed
2. They are also asking the brethren from America this year to visit them at Karonga.
3. They are also ask broth Joshua and Winston to visit the frequently. Lastly we are all sending best wishes to brother Danny Aberclombie and the brethren who will join him during the trip to Malawi(Africa)
Your are see to few pictures for the activities due to the problem of the camera. Another threatening things, I would like to inform you brethren that next week we will have three days church meeting at Sombani congregation Phalombe started on 12th June 2015. More members from Chikwawa will join me.
May the Lord be with you all brothers and sisters in theLord’s church
Brother in Christ,
Joshua Mhango