June Report

Sierra Vista, Arizona, July 8, 2015


Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for June, 2015.

My wife, Virginina, and I were able to visit the church in Agua Prieta in June. The brethren there are sad for many who left to go to the liberal church in their city. However, they continue to stand firm and were glad that a new brother was added to their number.

On June 15, Virginia, Eiland Scott and I visited the brethren of the church in Nogales. I provided some encouragements and teaching. Enclosed is a picture of the brethren. Brother Eiland Scott is in the back in the photo.

Brother Abdon of Los Mochis has lost his job due to cutbacks and thus far has not been able to find another. They were very poor to begin with and the lack of a job makes matters worse. They tell us that once a person is over 40 years old it is very difficult to find a job. We have provided him and his family with additional assistance while he seeks employment.

Brother Cesar and his wife recently obtained passports and USA visas. I discouraged them from doing so, but they wanted very much the ability to visit brethren in the United States. The fellowship gathering in Hesperus, Colorado started at the end of June; I thought this would be a great opportunity for brother Cesar to meet many of the American brethren and they to meet him, so we paid for his expenses to attend the gathering. Brother Hector and his wife, sister Elizabeth, from Albuquerque also attended the fellowship gathering; brother Cesar was able to converse freely in Spanish with his fellow Mexicans. Brother Cesar was greatly impressed by the youth and the singing and many things about the fellowship gathering; I believe his attendance was a great blessing to all.

Before the fellowship gathering, brother Cesar and brother Eiland Scott visited a small Spanish congregation in Deming, NM. There is some hope for future work there.

Following are the expenses for June. Travel expenses were $526. Support of Mexican evangelist was $650. Other evangelistic expenses (bibles and song books) were $322. Benevolence provided was $395.

Pray for the success of the work in Mexico.

In His service
Brother Ed Anderson