Mexico Report March 2015

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Here is the report of our work for the Lord in Mexico for March, 2015.

March was sort of an in-between month for our work in Mexico. No major evangelistic trips were conducted.
On March 8, Virginia (my wife) and I visited the congregation in Agua Prieta. The brethren there were greatly discouraged because about half of their congregation had departed and gone to the liberal congregation in town. Later in the month we were able to pay the expenses of a number of the brethren from Nogales to visit and encourage the brethren in Agua Prieta, but those who went to the liberal congregation have not returned. I have included a picture of brother Jesus Alanzo leading songs and of brother Pedro Ramirez preaching.
On March 16, brother Eiland Scott and I visited the brethren in Nogales. It was an encouraging meeting. A sizable group of brothers and sisters met with us in the house of brother Abel. His house also has a section devoted to an “abarotes” or small grocery store. In some of the attached pictures you may see part of the store in the background. The place where we meet is brother Abel's kitchen and living room. The pictures were taken while the brethren were singing hymns.
Following are the expenses for March. Travel expenses were $199. Support of Mexican evangelists was $700. Spanish Bibles purchased were $121. Benevolence provided was $230.
Pray for the success of the work in Mexico.
In His service,

Brother Ed Anderson