Seeds and Food Report

Fund Distribution

Seed and Food Distribution

Dear brother Danny and Tonney,
First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the assistance funds you sent through brother Joshua to buy food due to drought situation which affecting us here at Province Nyasa and Province Zambezia in Mozambique, may the Lord be with you. It was on Saturday when we called by brother Joshua to meet with him at Phaloni (Phalombe) we discussed more about the Lord’s work after it is when brother Joshua distributed us the funds for buying food for the affected members for the congregations surrounding Province Nyasa and Province Zambezia. We also ask you to send thanks to the brethren whom removed their funds in their pockets so that the Lord should bless them too. We are all thanks brother Joshua who is working hard in the Lord’s work. We also ask you to continue requesting funds from the brethren to buy food until month end of April 2015 is when some other areas things will be change for a few months. We are working with more congregations so that, we cannot manage to assist all congregations at the same time.

We are very happy because Brother Joshua allows us to send an email to you. You will hear more from Brother Joshua. Receive our pictures. We remain to hear from you soon.

On behalf of the congregations,

Juwakiyi Kaputeni – Province Zambezia
Nang’ombe – Province Zambezia
Aphedwe Majini – Province Nyasa
Jossaya Mussa – Province Nyasa