Chilanga-Zomba and Phaloni Report

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Dear brethren,

I would like to send an updates for the activities that have been done last week at Chilanga-Zomba and Phaloni (Phalombe) where by we had Sunday service prayers of the beloved late brother Harry Cobb. The report are as follows:-

Chigwirizano congregations 15-02-2015
People gathered : 329
People confessed : 22

The brethren were very concerned due to the death of the late Harry Cobb who did a tremendous work in the Lord’s ministry. May his spirit rest in peace. We also had the distribution of food to the groups of the congregations after communicating with the vendors at market. It was not easy to so because the thieves were also following us but God was with us in all the works.

During our trip there was also a heavy rain and wind so that in other areas, we just called the leaders of the congregations and shared them the funds in order to buy themselves near their areas where we could not afford to reach there. Another threatening things, there are still need of funds for buying food because we are working with more congregations that we can not afford to assist them at the same time. Brethren I can a sure you that drought is in bad situation, things will be change a bit at the of April 2015.

We are still receiving requests and updates from the brethren in so many areas of Malawi and Mozambique where we are working in the Lord’s ministry. I am sending an updates request to you brethren in order to protect the lives of brothers and sisters here. As I am sending an email, I am sick. Suffering from malaria so keep on praying for me.

If God allows, next week I will hold the meeting at Mchenga congregations where the brethren from 8 congregations will meet. We would like to thank brothers and sisters who donated the funds to assist the victims due to hunger through Brother Danny aberclombie. May the Lord bless them and they should not get tired in helping because blessed are those who gives than receives.
Attached are some of the pictures for Sunday service, buying of maize at the market and distributed the bags to the congregations where by they will share among them in families not as per individual.

Lord bless you too.

I remain to hear from you.
Lord servant
Joshua Mhango