2015 Email Photo Albums

Links to photos sent in 2015 emails from Malawi ( Click on picture to view album)

Please Note: In the US we write the date MM/DD/YY. In Malawi, as many other countries with European influence, the date is expressed as DD/MM/YY. Most photos containing dates are expressed in the latter format unless taken by American brethren while there. (Example 10-04-2015 is April 10th, 2015)

Flood Destruction
Chikwawa Nsanje Districts Floods
Flood Pictures
Food Distribution
Phaloni Flood
Report Phaloni Phalombe
Phaloni Thanks and Requests
Food Assistance
Food Distribution II
Bro Tinason
Bro Harry Memorial
Food Distribution III
Update Feb 20th
Food Distribution Feb 25th
Current Flooding
Flooding Worsens
Bro Tinason Laid to Rest
Food Aid
Bereu Meeting
Current Floods in Pictures
Mathiya Congregation Food Distribution
Destruction on East Bank
Food Distribution Nsanje and Boma Congregation Meeting
Food for Nyambiro, Thendo, and Lundu Congregations
Funds for the Hungry
Thanks and Updates

Funds Distribution
Seeds and Food
Panna Seed Distribution
Limphangwi Congregation
Misiri Seed Distribution
Misiri Meeting
Namanda Congregation Iron Sheets
Update and Seed Distribution
Makhwatha Congregation Meeting
Makhwatha Seed Distribution
Winter Gardening
Garden Field Work
Chiradzulu and Chigwwrizano Congregations
Mikoko Congregation
Pakamwa Garden Update
Mwanza Congregation
Field Work I
Karonga - Humbo Meeting
Fertilizer Distribution
Bereu Gathering
Food Distribution
Many Thanks
Pakamwa Garden

Mwanza/Shire River Projects
Pakamwa Garden
Crop Destruction
Chididi Trip
Karonga Trip
Garden Progress
Sombani Congregation
Mantandala and Mulambe Report
Food Update
Misiri and Mulambe Construction
Request of Funds
Phalombe Food and Iron Update
Dindi Congregation
Chiradzulu Chigwirizano Congregations
Chilanga Congregation
Chikapa Congregation
Masamba Congregation
Karonga Visit
Dwayana Meeting
Agness Nambazo Graveyard
Bereu Meeting
Ntchewu Congregation
Mulanje Camp Meeting
Pulika Congregation
Update and Requests
Msema Congregation
Chiddi Congregation
Neilikhwa Congregation
Namashelema II Congregation
Chinyanjano Congregation
Garden Progress
Leader Meeting
Thanks and Requests
Lomwani Congregation
Various Photos
Mhango, Makhela, and Namalawa Update
Food and Iron Distribution
Food Distribution
Mesaka Congregation
Mesaka Food Distribution
Update on Work
Mulambe Visit
Church Services
Raisin Distribution
Food Distribution 12-16
Update 12-16
Mulambe Congregation
Mithungu and Mambala Congregations