Chavalamasengo Congregation

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Dear Brethren,
Due to construction of Chikwawa to Chapananga road our trip to Dausi congregation failed,instead we visited brethren at Mabarani congregation in Traditional Authority Maseya and Limphangwi congregation in traditional Authority Makhwira both in Eastbank of chikwawa on 1st November respectively and Chavalamasengo congregation at Kapichira Falls in traditional authority Kasisi on Sunday,2nd November..
Chavalamasengo is on top of hill/mountains,it is close to Majete game Reserve and Kapichira Falls.There is good view of Shire river.Its a beautiful area.To I was accompanied with bro.Joshua,

Every one enjoyed the lessons and teachings.The Teachings were on:
- Books read ,Genesis 1:28,2:18 and 1 Corinthians 7:2
- Duties and roles of a husband
- Books read Ephesians 5:25,1 Petre 3:7,1 Corinthians 11:13,Hebrews 13:4,1 Timothy 5:14.
- Duties and roles of a wife
- Books read Titus 2:4-5,Ephesians 5:22,Titus 2:5,1 Timothy 5:14
- Who should marry?
- Why do we experience divorce contrary to 1 Corinthians 7:10-11?
These three congregations are experiencing strong winds that regularly blow off the roofs of their prayer houses.Plastic paper is always torn .You can see from the pictures.

I clearly understood that there financial global crisis but I have to send what they have requested and if funds will be available I hope will be considered.The three congregations need iron sheets 40 each at K2950 per 10 ft.

Thank you very much for your assistance for this trip to be fruitful.

Brother in Christ