2014 Email Photo Albums

Links to photos sent in 2014 emails from Malawi ( Click on picture to view album)

Please Note: In the US we write the date MM/DD/YY. In Malawi, as many other countries with European influence, the date is expressed as DD/MM/YY. Most photos containing dates are expressed in the latter format unless taken by American brethren while there. (Example 10-04-2014 is April 10th, 2014)

January - February
January Update
Mtamba Service in Phaloni
Matamba Baptisms (201)
Thanks from Malawi
McHenga and Mikoko Congregations
Phalombe Hunger
Gardening Along the Shire
Personal Thanks
Phaloni Meeting
Msema Congregation
Pakamwa Garden Update
Leader's Meeting
Mtambo and Mulambe Congregations
Pakamwa Garden
Mombo Congregation, MOZ
Sharing Harvest
Nyasa and Zambezia, MOZ
Tete Congregation, MOZ
Phula Congregation, MOZ
Nakhongolo Congregation, MOZ
Mkuze and Nkhunzi Congregations, MOZ
Teleranyani Congregation, MOZ
Mpachika Congregation, MOZ
Karonga, Tanzania Trip
Mangulenje Camp Meeting
Thank You!
Maize and Bean Harvest
Chavalamasengo Congregation
Wind Destruction
Wind Destruction 2
Congregation in Phalombe
Food Distribution