2013 Email Photo Albums

Scroll down to see links to all the photo galleries made with the photos that were sent in emails in 2013. I apologize for any duplicates within the galleries.

January - February
Clothes and Shelter
Flooded Gardens
Bereu Garden Flooding
Food Distribution - Nsanje and Eastbank
Mtamba and Zambezia
Chikwawa, Phalombe, Nsanje District
Meetings and Seed
Garden Seed Distribution
Vincent's Malaria
Kungaecha Congregation
Phaloni Seed Distribution
Cows at Chikwawa
Chitembe Congregation
Replanting Along Shire
Phaloni, Kamseche, and Thomu
Food Distribution - Meetings
Garden Progress
Mtamba Congregation
Scouting for Garden Space
Children Fishing
Teaching at Bereu
Gardening Activities
Msiri Congregation
Phalombe Report
Mpama and Corn
Pakamwa Garden
Chinyanje Visit
Chinyanje Garden
Masamba Visit
Msamba Baptism
Wedding Ceremony
Pakamwa Village
Limphangwi Garden
Fertilize and Construction
August - December
Various Photos
Bro Chikulo Funeral
Chitimbe Garden

There were two missionary visits during this time. Below is a photo gallery of a few pictures taken by Bro Keith Moore while in Malawi.

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